Bo Keek

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Bo Keek
Origin Edge Worlds
Gender Male
Affiliation Zoners
Status Active
Born unknown

Bo is an old and experienced Zoner merchant from the Edge Worlds. Only a little is known about him, Bo is a very reserved person and avoids being in the spotlight. Maybe some of the people of Freeport XV, 9 and Sparta Station know him and his series YX freighter, the Auzawandilaz.

One day his life turned upside down. The Auzawandilaz was loaded, checked and ready to leave Yanagi Depot in Sigma 13 to deliver essential goods for the Omicrons, like Fertilizers and Consumer Goods among many other things. After another silent trip trough the Sigmas he decided to take a nap, turned off the comm and set up the autopilot to Freeport XV.

Close to Freeport 9 he was woken up by noise of battle, scared like hell he scanned the area and could not believe what he saw. A huge Corsair fleet attacked the port, supported by the ZGS|Litany.of.the.Malus, observed by a vessel from the popes of Baffin while many brave zoner men and women lost their lifes by defending their home.

Bo didn't hesitate and tractored in as many escape pods as possible, hit the cruise and made it to Freeport XV to hide for a few days and think about what he had witnessed. The Zoners on XV did notice but did not talk about this, they were busy loading their Colony Ships for some reason. Bo became very irritated, Zoners shooting Zoners while having a pope around doing nothing than observing while some barbarians attacked one of our bases.

All that made Bo Keek very angry, he took an abandoned fighter class vessel from Freeport XV and joined the resistance.