Freeport 9

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Freeport 9
Frontier class freeport
Freeport 9.jpg
4E, Omicron Theta
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 450

Freeport 9 was one of the first human settlements in the Edge World nebula. Built by Zoners who felt they could not be far enough from the influence of the major Houses, it was for several decades the most remote civilian outpost in the colonies. Despite its location in a system filled with strange nebula and forbidding black crystals, however, Freeport 9 is a frequent stop for criminal organizations looking to buy Food from the Freeport's biodome, while Cryer Pharmaceuticals has shown an intense interest in the Alien Organisms that colonize many of the asteroids in the system.

Missions Offered

No missions offered here

Bribes Offered


  • None

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