Border World Ships

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Built to survive in the harsh conditions of remote space, Border Worlds ships are some of the most widely used in Sirius, only being outnumbered by the line of civilian ships, which are available throughout House space. Used by Unlawfuls, mercenaries, and freelancers alike, they have become symbols for trouble, as most people flying them will stop you for something more than just a chat. They are manufactured in a number of Shipyards around Sirius, and some factions have even developed their own derivative ships from the generic models, most notably the Lane Hackers.

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Fighters & Bombers

Name Class Notes DSCore
Scimitar Light Fighter Advanced Dagger Scimitar
Bayonet Heavy Fighter Bayonet
Switchblade Heavy Fighter Advanced Stiletto Switchblade
Falchion Very Heavy Fighter Falchion
Sabre Very Heavy Fighter
Cutlass Light Bomber Cutlass
Broadsword Medium Bomber Broadsword

Gunboats & Capital Ships

Name Class Notes DSCore
Montante Gunboat Light Gunboat Montante

Freighters & Transports

Name Class Notes DSCore
Dromedary Freighter
DL Transport BW Transport DL
DLX Transport BW Train DLX

Old Ships

This ships are not in using anymore

Name Class Weapons Cargo Hull Power NB/SB Price Notes
Dagger Light Fighter 4/1 35 1,800 1,800 15 $39,020
Stiletto Heavy Fighter 6/0 45 4,900 4,700 33 $417,860