Civilian ships

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Civilian ships may be used with any ID (Note: Some ID's are restricted to Ship classes below Gunboats). Gallic Civilian ships can only used by Gallic IDs and the Freelancer ID.

There are three civilian main lines that offer different ship classes. These are:

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Light Fighters & Heavy Fighters

Name Class Notes DSCore
Arrow Light Fighter Built by a private Liberty ship-building company. Arrow
Griffin Light Fighter CTE-Line Griffin
Hayabusa Light Fighter Samura Industries Hayabusa
Stargazer Light Fighter CTE-Line Stargazer
Falcon Heavy Fighter CTE-Line
Jackdaw Heavy Fighter Jackdaw
Kingfisher Heavy Fighter Crafted by a group of enterprising Zoner engineers. Kingfisher
Marauder Heavy Fighter Marauder
Saishi Heavy Fighter Renzu Corporation Saishi
Sunrider Heavy Fighter A ship from an emerging design group. Sunrider

Very Heavy Fighters & Super Heavy Fighters

Name Class Notes DSCore
Eagle Very Heavy Fighter CTE-Line
Raven's Talon Very Heavy Fighter Raven's Talon
Sutinga Very Heavy Fighter Renzu Corporation Sutinga
Starblazer Very Heavy Fighter CTE-Line Starblazer
Spatial Super Heavy Fighter Spatial


Name Class Notes DSCore
Roc Light Bomber CTE-Line
Touketsu Light Bomber Renzu Corporation Touketsu
Havoc Mk II Medium Bomber Developed by Ageira with significant BMM participation. Havoc Mk II
Waran Heavy Bomber Waran

Gunboats & Capital Ships

Name Class Notes DSCore
Condor Gunboat Medium Gunboat - CTE-Line Condor
Corvo Gunboat Gunboat/Cruiser Hybrid. Civilian Explorer. Originally built by Zoners for Zoners. Corvo
Ahoudori Gunboat Heavy Gunboat - Kusari Explorer Ahoudori
Bustard Civilian Carrier Bustard

Mining Ships

Name Class Notes DSCore
Surveyor Light Fighter The Surveyor is one of the few ships that still has its roots back in Sol. Surveyor
Scraper Heavy Fighter Samura Industries Scraper
Arrastra Super Heavy Fighter Sirius Arrastra
Hegemon Transport Sirius Hegemon


Name Class Notes DSCore
Anki Freighter Renzu Corporation Anki
Camara Freighter Built by Deep Space Engineering Camara
Kestrel Freighter CTE-Line Kestrel
Sunburst Freighter Sunburst
Voyager Freighter Craft designed by an independent Bretonian workshop. Voyager

Repair Ships

Name Class Notes DSCore
Mender Freighter Repair Ship - Sirius Mender


Name Class Notes DSCore
Albatross Transport Large Transport Albatross
Crane Transport Large Train Crane
Democritus Transport Luxury Yacht Democritus
Gull Transport Transport Gull
Hercules Transport Base Construction Platform Hercules
Heron Transport Train Heron
Pelican Transport Armored Transport Pelican
Serenity Transport Conceived in Bretonia. Serenity
Stork Transport Advanced Train Stork
Titanic Transport Heavy Tanker Titanic


Name Class Notes DSCore
Enterprise Transport Luxury Liner. Designed for Orbital Spa and Cruise by the renowned ship architect, Peter Englund. Enterprise
Oasis Transport Passenger Liner/ Prison Liner Oasis
Shukensha Transport Renzu Corporation Liner Shukensha

Special Ships

  • The Camera Ship is an out-of-roleplay ship that exists for the purpose of recording in-game footage.
Name Class Notes DSCore
Camera Ship Light Fighter Camera Ship

Old/Removed Ships

Name Class Replaced by Notes

The Barge

Barge Mega Transport Sirius wide civilian ship
Basalt Light Miner Surveyor Sirius wide civilian ship
Dacite Medium Miner Scraper Sirius wide civilian ship
Dagger Light Figther Scimitar Border Worlds X-Series; from orginal Freelancer
CTE FR-2302-K Civilian Freighter Freighter Sunburst
Hawk Light Figther Griffin CTE-Line - Vanilla Freelancer ship
Ki Light Figther none Renzu Corporation
Mafic Heavy Miner Arrastra Sirius wide civilian ship
Moldy Crow Heavy Figther Jackdaw Sirius wide civilian ship
Starflier Light Figther Vanilla Freelancer ship
Startracker Light Figther Vanilla Freelancer ship
Stiletto Heavy Figther Switchblade Border Worlds X-Series; from orginal Freelancer
Wasupu Heavy Figther Sutinga Renzu Corporation