Chateau-Gontier Freeport

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Removed with System Maine and Gallic Junkers in 4.89

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Chateau-Gontier Freeport
Pompidou class Freeport
Chateau-Gontier Freeport.jpg
Gallic Junkers
6F, Maine
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 0

Chateau-Gontier was built on the spot where Craon Station was located before 505 A.G.S. . That year, the Normandy separatists launched several surprise attacks against Royal Navy and corporate targets across Maine. Craon, located deep inside Maine, was one of the more isolated and vulnerable targets. The station was blown up by several torpedo volleys which targeted its fuel storage. Most of the station's inhabitants managed to escape (since the separatists made no attempt to destroy escape pods and civilian craft), but Craon itself was completely destroyed.

The station was not rebuilt after the First Gallic War. Craon had never been particulary popular, and its destruction showed the stations vulnerability. The wreck of the station orbited Le Lude undisturbed for two decades, but eventually the Junkers moved in to salvage whatever they could. Finding several sections of the station surprisingly intact, the Junkers repressurised part of the base's core, and renamed the station the Chateau-Gontier Freeport.

The remaining debris have long since been cleared, but the station never returned to its former size. Chateau-Gontier has become known as a backwater station that sits both at the edge of Gallic controlled space, and the edge of legality. The station has also become the home of many former Sirian operatives who fear reprisals from the Sirian houses they infiltrated.

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