Clark Kent

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Clark Kent
Clark Kent.jpg
Clark Kent, 818 A.S.
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Account Manager @ Bretonia Mining and Fabrication (player faction)
Gender Male
Height 6' 9"
Weight 170lbs
Hair color Brown
Affiliation Bretonia Mining and Fabrication (player faction)
Rank Experienced Trader
Status Active (818 A.S.)
Born October 16, 796 A.S., Isle Of Skye
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Full Name:
Clark James Kent

Ship ID:

Political Views:
Bretonian Royalist

BMF - Account Manager
BMF - Transport division

Current Ship:
CT-73 'Laiyla-Rose' Civilian Advanced Train

Played By


Clark Kent was born on Planet New London on October 16th 796AS to a long line of transport pilots. On Both sides his family were in some way involved in trade, his mother was an assistant to the Crowns personal council until the revelation that his Father and Grandfather had both been secretly supplying the Corsairs with weapons and engine components. They would carry large hauls of supplies to the outlaws bases and even, at times, helped to recruit others to join the Corsairs supply stream. This however, was never Clarks dream, or his destiny, a lover of all things Bretonian and a firm believer in democracy and the crown, he swayed away from his 'unlawful' influences. Clark attended the prestigious Cambridge University, earning a degree in Economics and management while undertaking a scholarship in Freight Management paid for by the Crowns young talent apprenticeship program. He began further research into space travel in his spare time, dreaming of a network of inter-house trade in an open market, much like the ancient EU free-market of centuries before. After 5 years of study at Cambridge and several notable extracurricular qualifications, Clark decided that continuing academic study was not for him and returned to New London where, using money left to him by his now incarcerated father, he acquired a freight ship and started working freelance in Bretonia and the bordering systems, eventually making himself enough credits to upgrade to his now much beloved 'Laiyla' the CT-73 Advanced Train, a ship he still pilots to this day. After a considerable time freelancing Clark realised that working alone was never going to get him past the border worlds, so, he applied to some of Bretonias industry leaders for work, eventually settling into a transportation role at Bretonia Mining and Fabrications. Initially Clark signed up to work in the freight division, hoping one day to move up from pilot to supervisor to manager, as the role usually plays out.. until one day while enjoying some down time in the rec room after his fifth long-haul BMF run, a chance conversation with Mr Zak Conner, CEO of BMF about the lack of available Admin staff, he ended up being made responsible for the team overseeing the company's Neural Net listing project.

Qualifications & Skills

Transport Qualifications

  • Fully qualified cargo ship operator licensed to pilot any Freighter, Transport or Liner.
  • BLA(Bretonian Licensing Authority) Approved freight ship instructor
  • 25yrs Freighter flight time

Academic Qualifications

Cambridge University

  • Economics and Business Management
  • Operational logistics
  • Administration and ICT


Jonathan Kent

Martha Kent

lois Kent
Andrew Kent

Current Loyalties

Faction Relationship