Isle Of Skye

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Isle of Skye Station
Nostromo class Station
Bretonia Mining and Fabrication (player faction)
D6, New London
Technical Data
Gravity Full
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 800

Isle of Skye is the headquarters and production center of Bretonia Mining and Fabrication. It is one of the most productively efficient bases in the New London system, its factories are fitted with the latest in production equipment and BMF's dedicated team of suppliers keep the flow of production moving at a rate that is unmatched the Kingdom over. The Isle of Skye is situated in orbit of Planet New London and is accessible to all employees and those with a current docking pass. We invite every faction that is in a good standing with Bretonia to visit our space station. If you have some time during your stay you are welcome to visit our famous Tee and Pee Bar.


BMF's production facilities provide a range of equipment for the private, corporate, civilian and government defence sectors. I equipment is produced to the highest of standards and in a time that is unmatched elsewhere

Some of the equipment we produce:

Cloaking Devices
Hyperspace Modules
Docking Modules
Jump Drives