Donny Ren

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Donny Ren
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Unknown
Born 794 A.S, Planet Houston
Died Still alive

Donny Ren is a Liberty Born Trader who has built himself up as a successful lone operator with a Sirius-wide shipping enterprise that saw him earn his first million credits at the young age of 19 and who is now a multi millionaire with investments that span all Four major Sirius houses. This has caused him of course to have several legal headaches however through successful negotations and skilled employ of gifted legal representation Donny maintains a clean slate, most issues being settled "out of court". With a "hands on" approach to trading Donny is known to be a business first trader who has built a solid reputation on his ability to "get the job done". He continues to ply his trade Sirius wide although his recent aquisition of a rather dubious choice of trading ship could render his continued expansion somewhat problematic.

Bio Summary

Born on Planet Houston, the son of Isabel Ren-Laowai and Matthius Ren Donny Ren's early life was mostly unremarkable. He studied at the local college on Houston but dropped out at the age of 16 in order to work with his father in the family business. Soon chafing under his father's strict policy of lawful goods and behavior Donny was soon known to frequent Beaumont Base on his off time and is reported to have grown friendly with the Junkers, as well as mixing with the Lane Hackers that also used to congregate there. He aquired his own vessel relatively fast and managed to accrue a small fortune from the limited trade options available to him at that time. His mother, concerned at who he might be associating himself with, sent him to spend time with his uncle, to learn skills that she believed would help him survive in his chosen trade, and also perhaps to instill in him some sets of principles which she believed owing to his choice in friends he was rapidly displaying a lack of. Whether this tactic worked or not is still open for debate but Donny has now amassed for himself a wealth that almost equals that of his fathers business and shows no sign of slowing down.

Now owning properties on Houston, Los Angeles, Manhattan and Cambridge Donny has recently expressed interest in procuring property on Planet New Tokyo and is suspected of also having interests within Rheinland, a fact which has vehemenantly denied.

Possessing the same amiability of his father Donny has never lacked in connections and friends. He does however possess a ruthlessness his father seems to lack, clearly stating that "business is business" and following that credo in all of his dealings. He is unmarried but is rumoured to maintain several relationships in different systems although few details of his personal life are known publicly. He is a known country music fan and can often be heard singing his own renditions of the latest hits on the Houston music charts, regardless of who wishes to hear them or not.