Isabel Ren-Laowai

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Isabel Ren-Laowai
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Affiliation Uknown
Born 773 A.S, Planet Crete
Died Still alive

Isabel Ren-Laowai is a Half Corsair-Kusari Trader currently residing on Planet Houston in the Texas system, Liberty Space. She works in partnership with her Husband Matthius Ren (Ren-Shifu Holdings Inc) working a Sirius wide small business trading enterprise that up until this date has had considerable financial success. She has known business dealings and connections in Liberty, Brettonia and Kusari and prior to the Rheinland-Liberty conflict was known to have conducted business dealings within Rheinland space as well. While her husband performs the tranportation side of the business, Isabel is known to be the negotiating arm of the enterprise, arranging contracts and shipment schedules.

Bio Summary

Born on Planet Crete sometime around 773 A.S. of mixed heritage Isabel is the only daughter of Corsair Captain Raul Dominguez and the Kusari woman Zhang Lei. She rarely speaks of her early years, but what is known is that as a half Kusari-Corsair she suffered considerable ostracism as a child but in so doing became fiercely independant and firm in her endevours. After considerable difficulty in gaining sponsorship she eventually completed the Corsair trial Rite of Passage at the age of 17 but soon after, extremely bitter at the loss of her parents and her treatment by her fellow Corsairs she shunned the land of her birth and went into voluntary exile. Very little is known of her wanderings during this period. She is thought to have spent some time among the Junkers in New London and there are scattered anecdotal stories of her spending time in various trading enterprises across Brettonia and Liberty, where she is known to still maintain some contacts.

Isabel shows up in the records clearly once more with the marriage to her husband Matthius Ren, a Liberty national by birth. The wedding gained local notoriety when it was interrupted by several Corsair opertives led by her brother Ben Laowai. The intruders were warned off by Isabel herself who produced a blaster from beneath her wedding gown and brandishing it made it clear in no uncertain terms that if anyone was going to "draw blood" on her wedding day she would be the first to do it. Having gained Liberty Citizenship with her marriage Isabel relocated to the Ren family home on Planet Houston and is known to have resided there ever since.

Fluent in the Kusari Dialect of her mother Isabel is known to have a deep curiousity about her heritage and specifically the past of her mother, of whom almost nothing is known. She spent a great deal of time with her mother during the latters' last years of her life and with the aid of her brother nursed her during her battles with addiction and her frail mental health. Known to have been trained in the Kusari fighting arts by her mother in these last years Isabel has on several occasions displayed a deadly affinity for these styles of fighting, and is known to prominently display several expensive examples of Kusari Katana's in her home and is known to be adept in their use.

Isabel and her husband are now known to own several properties throughout Liberty, a Villa on Cambridge and an office on New London. They have one son, Donny Ren, who has become a succesful trader in his own right.

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