Erich Stoltenberg

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Erich Stoltenberg
Stoltenberg 4.jpg
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Occupation Former intelligence officer, currently political refugee
Affiliation Formerly BDM
Service Period June, 819 A.S. - Late 819 A.S.
Rank Formerly inspektor (during his time in BDM
Born 17th January, 790 A.S., Planet New Berlin
Erich Stoltenberg is an intelligence officer who used to work for the BDM. His dossier can be found by clicking here.


Erich Stoltenberg was born into a conservative business family with his father running a small shipping company and his mother working as a professor at a local university. His childhood was relatively stable and he went on to study politics and economics at the University of New Berlin. After graduation, he was accepted into the Polizei Akademie and began serving as an RFP officer and later on, as a detective/inspektor. His detective work included at least one known undercover operation. One year after beginning his career in the RFP, he began studying a dual Master degree program at the New London School of Economics on a part time basis, allowing him to continue working full time at the RFP. After graduation four years later, his professor (Dr. Albert Rosenthal, Bretonian citizen of Rheinlander descent) introduced him to the DGAP think tank/public policy institute where he was a research fellow. He then used his newfound connections at the DGAP to leave police work and enter the BDM.

Charged with Treason

In late 819 A.S., barely half a year into his new career, Ins. Erich Stoltenberg was formally charged with treason. He is currently making plans to escape Rheinland before BDM and other security services are able to capture him.


Stoltenberg grew up in a conservative household hence he is motivated by a nationalistic ideology, service and a concept of brotherhood. He is known to have enjoyed fighting side by side with his fellow police officers against criminals. He initially intended to join the Rheinland Military but opted against it as per his mother's wishes. His experience in the detective field led him to pursue service and employment in the BDM. Often times his colleagues cannot tell which Stoltenberg is the 'real' Stoltenberg. He is known to secretive about deflects questions about himself. He can also be unpredictably quiet and outgoing at randomly different times. His friends see him as kind and soft but his enemies see him purely as a brainwashed socipath. Being conservative, he prefers a strong leader to follow and feels the State's security should be paramount to individual freedoms as the gift of life to him is worth the loss in individual rights.

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