Adrienne Perry

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Adrienne Perry
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Former Intelligence Officer, Spymaster
Affiliation Formerly =LSF=
Period of Service Various, On and Off
Rank Former Director of Tactical Operations
Born August 22nd, 783 A.S., Planet Los Angeles (42 years old)
Colonel Adrienne Perry is the former Director of Tactical Operations in the =LSF=. She went missing in 818 A.S. amidst rumours that she was about to become a whistleblower and release sensitive files to the public. These rumours were denounced by the Liberty Security Force who maintained they were actively investigating her disappearance. She eventually managed to escape from a Gallic prison and contact the LSF for an extraction. Upon returning to Liberty, she spent two months sharing intelligence and going through psychological, trauma and physical examinations before being reinstated for active service. She was, at the time, considered to be the LSF's foremost expert on Gallia.

Around 819-820 A.S., she stepped down from her position at the =LSF= in order to spend more time with her family, help raise her son and pursue a Ph.D. in International Relations at Columbia University at Planet Manhattan. She specialised in Statregic Studies and her research and dissertation was regarding the strategic surprise that the Kingdom of Gallia was able to achieve upon it's invasion of the Sirius Sector. She particularly focused on how Gallic intelligence was able to keep the existence of Gallia a secret despite knowing the existence of the Sirius sector, and where Sirius intelligence agencies had gone wrong and the resulting geopolitical ramifications.

History and Details

Perry during a training operation at "The Farm". The Farm is a classified LSF field agent training facility.
Adrienne Perry was born on Planet Los Angeles in August 22nd, 783 A.S.. She was born into a wealthy, conservative political family. She studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and she worked for a number of years as a Engineer with Ageira Technologies after her graduation. However, she made a transition in her career as a Management Consultant for Interspace Commerce During this time, she also pursued a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of California, Los Angeles to further her career. Moreover, she married, had a son and was divorced by her husband due to her increasingly workoholic nature. Eventually, she leveraged her connections in order to join the Liberty Security Force ( =LSF= ) where she eventually worked her way up to the rank of Advisor of Special Operations.

Mid way through 818 A.S., Adrienne Perry suddenly disappeared. The =LSF= launched an investigation but her whereabouts but she was never found. Norman O'Connor took over her position as the new Adviser of Special Operations.

Operation Century

Maquis forces breaking Perry out of the prison.

In late 819, Adrienne Perry was able to escape a prison facility from Planet Le Mans in the Maine System (inside Gallia) after several bombs went off inside the facility. The Maquis had placed those bombs and successfully staged a prison break. After escaping the facility, Perry immediately contacted the =LSF= to arrange her extraction from Gallia. Due to the psychological torture she went through, it was difficult for her to communicate or be aware of her surroundings for several weeks.

The =LSF= began planning Operation Century to rescue Adrienne Perry. One squadron of LSF pilots were to create a diversion by launching an attack at La Ferte-Bernard while another squadron would rendezvous with Perry at Evron Base and sneak her out of Gallia. Freelancers Carolatte Champagne and Rose Chartermen had been hired to to scout out La Ferte-Bernard and its defences so that the LSF can determine which assets were needed. Their information came in useful though Carol Champagne was shot down and imprisoned by Gallic forces.

The operation was a success as Alpha Squadron managed to destroy all resistance before enemy reinforcements could show up at La Ferte-Bernard. Meanwhile Bravo Squadron was separated during the flight to Gallia as they have to evade several enemy patrols, though they were able to regroup at Evron Base. The two squadrons were able to regroup in the Anjou system and continued on, with a third squadron at the Orkney system acting as a reinforcement. Two GRN battleships attempted to block the route at the orkney system but the =LSF= units were able to evade them. The rest of the journey went by uneventfully. When Perry reached back to Manhattan, Director Welch of the RDA division arranged for her to meet her son, Logan, before asking her to continue on with debriefing and intelligence sharing.

Director of Tactical Operations

After Executive Director Joseph Dawson stepped down as the head of the =LSF= in late 819, Major Elijah Brand was promoted to the rank of Colonel and was selected by the President to become the new Director of the =LSF=. Congress approved his nomination for the head of the Liberty Security Force a few days later. This left the position of of Director of Tactical Operations open and Director Brand appointed Colonel Perry, who was invited to rejoin the =LSF= after taking some time off to reconnect with her family and re-establish herself at Liberty, to become the new Director of Tactical Operations. Like her predecessor, she pledged to take active part in operations alongside her agents while balancing the bureaucratic responsibilities that came along with the position.

Perry's Intelligence Network

Perry began setting up an intelligence network of her own to complement the intelligence collection efforts of the Department of Tactical Operations. She began hiring Freelancers from all over Sirius in order to achieve this. There are rumours that Perry funds this intelligence network on her own and that she intends to use this intelligence network to her own advantage should she ever fall from her position due to internal politics. These rumours are unsubstantiated but very few people know about her network. However, LSF funds do not show any money going towards these freelancers and ever since Perry started this project, her financial details require a higher security clearance access.

  • Elaine Lacoursiere: A Gallic Junker whose ship was damaged inside Liberty while she was visiting her Sirius 'Brethren'. She was ordered to leave by the =LSF= but due to the damage sustained on her ship, she was unable to do so. In exchange for not arresting her, the Elaine agreed to work as an intelligence asset within Gallia for the LSF. LINK TO COMMUNICATIONS.
  • Ref Maven: A religious junker who despises the Junker Congress and accuses them of corruption. After conducting surveillance on said individual, the LSF caught him carrying artifacts and piloting a Pirate Transport into New York. In exchange for dropping the cargo and working as the Force's informant in the Liberty underworld, the =LSF= did not impose a fine for his crime.

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