Felix Cabulb

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Felix Cabulb
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Health and Safety Inspector
Affiliation Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Born 784 A.S.
Died Still Alive


Felix Cabulb was born in 784 A.S. into a Zoner family somewhere in the Edge Worlds. Little is known about the origins of Felix’s Zoner family, his colleagues and friends speculate that they were former fugitives that escaped the houses and took on Zoner guises; others say they were a tightly knitted family of explorers. Personally, Felix has always preferred the latter speculation and did not investigate further.

Early Life and Education

What is known about Felix is that he was abandoned not long after he was born. He was adopted and raised by a foster family, the McCoys, on Planet Cambridge. To Felix, the McCoys were as real as a family could get. The McCoy family highly valued education and knowledge for they believed that pursuit for intelligence is the only way to live a life with purpose. From an early age, Felix was encouraged to study multiple languages and later extra curricular courses including astrometry, quantum mechanics and pharmacology. Felix did not fail his parents’ high expectations and at the age of 24, he successfully graduated from the Planetary University of Cambridge with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences as well as an MSci in Psychology with many certificates for minor courses such as Human Resource Management and Intermediate Spacecraft Navigation.


Felix Cabulb and his hazardous materials disposal inspection team
Following his graduation from one of the most prestigious Universities in the Sirius sector, Felix was soon discovered and employed by Cryer Pharmaceuticals, the leading pioneer and manufacturer of all commercial pharmaceuticals in the colonies. As time passed by, Felix was deemed as a conscientious and important employee by his management. Within five years, he was promoted from senior manager to the Executive Co-ordinator of Health and Safety department, a title which he always bragged about to his colleagues and friends.

Felix Caulb in his office on Cambridge Research Station,Cambridge

Felix’s main office is located on the Cambridge Research Station orbiting Planet Cambridge. In addition, due to the nature of his work, Felix also operates throughout the houses, often travelling in his personalised Karasu Heavy Fighter. He is recently given the managerial rights to a company transport which he named after himself, the advanced transport can be seen running errands and distributing Cryer’s products. Felix also has access to workspaces and amenities on various Cryer Pharmaceutical stations and assets.

As of today, Felix Cabulb holds the position of Executive Co-ordinator of Health and Safety department in Cryer Pharmaceuticals. He is also a member of the high ranking, decision making and shares holding group within the company.

Personal Life

Felix Cabulb's appartment, E-3 residential area, Planet Cambridge
Felix Cabulb is engaged to his fiancé, Emily Finnigan, a long time love interest from his university days. The couple currently resides on Planet Cambridge, where they bought a luxuriously decorated apartment in the E-3 residential area. However, rumours indicate that Felix openly expresses interest for other women as well as secretly shares intimate company with a few, specifically at his workplace. Felix also enjoys body fitness, antique collecting and firearms marksmanship.


Some argue that a part of Felix’s personality was developed during his time with the executives group at Cryer Pharmaceuticals as Felix’s behavioural pattern closely follows that of the other department heads’. He appears to be arrogant, confident, patient, clinical and selfish with admirable professionalism and determination. However, on occasions, he has shown empathy, tolerance as well as generosity. This leads to speculations that perhaps he is not the same as the typical greedy, egotistical, stereotypical Cryer official executives.