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Cambridge System

Main description

The Cambridge system is located at the frontier of Bretonia space, and serves as the primary food production system for the various planets and bases throughout the house and beyond it. Other than food, Cryer Pharmaceuticals have also established a base in this system, concentrating on the production of pharmaceuticals. On the other side of things, this system heavily imports diamonds, optical chips and alien organisms. In fact, a very short and lucrative run of those commodities involves transporting diamonds from Rheinland to this system or to Leeds.

Special feature

This system got its fame from it's universities. In all of Sirius there is no better place for studying; the Cambridge Research Station is the best research station in Sirius and is visited by academics, scientists and scholars from all over the colonies every day. But the high quality of education is not everything Cambridge is known for. Bretonia is a big house with less settled and livable planets in comparison to the other nations. New London is too settled and overpopulated, whilst Leeds's atmosphere is too toxic and smoggy for a big agrarian economy, meaning Cambridge is the only possible choice for a "food-industry". To this end, Cambridge is also known as the granary of Bretonia. Additionally, Cambridge has a number of large Beryllium fields which are mined by the IMG at Cardiff Mining Facility and by the BMM at Bristol Mining Facility.

Status Quo:

Since Gallia's near-complete occupation of Leeds, Cambridge became a more industrial system in order to replace what the nation lost with Leeds. The restart of the "Planet Sprague-Project" in Omega-3 gave Cambridge the status as the most important Bretonian system in terms of economy, education, culture and trading.

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System Overview

Local factions

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Ross Planetoid.jpg
Ross Planetoid
Planet Sarum.jpg
Planet Sarum

Areas of Interest


Grasmere Ice Cloud

A thick cloud of small ice asteroids. The refractive nature of the cloud tends to confuse most scanners, providing excellent cover for Corsairs who launch raids across the Cambridge Line.

Keswick Ice Cloud

A thick cloud of small ice asteroids. The refractive nature of the cloud tends to confuse most scanners, providing excellent cover for Corsairs who often launch attacks on the Trade Lane to the Omega-3 Jump Gate.

Asteroid Fields

Cardiff Asteroid Field

A medium-sized asteroid field notable for its large deposits of Beryllium. A branch of the Independent Mining Guild (IMG) based on the Cardiff Mining Facility has been working the field with lucrative results, despite occasional raids by Corsairs who have managed to circumvent the Cambridge Line.

Jump Gates/Holes

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