Firmus Piett

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Firmus Piett
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Commander of the Leeds Defense Fleet
Gender Male
Affiliation Bretonia Armed Forces
Service Time 10 months
Rank Commodore
Status Active (819A.S.)
Born June 6, 782 A.S., Planet Cambridge

Firmus Piett, born on June 6th, 782A.S. on Planet New London, is Commodore of the Bretonia Armed Forces. He joined the navy at the rank of Lieutenant and quickly reached the rank of Commodore after 10 months of service. Currently is placed as Commander of the Leeds Defense Fleet, the 2nd Fleet, with Headquarters Planet Leeds, and 7th Fleet, with HQ Battleship Derby.


Early career

Firmus Piett, on board of HMS-Royal Sovereign, in formation with part of Leeds Defense Fleet near Planet Leeds.

Piett began his naval career, serving with the Independent Bretonia Royal Fleet, on board of their flagship HMS-Royal Sovereign. With an extraordinary number of arrests and suppressions to his name, as well as what appeared to be a perfectly clean record, Piett earned the attention of high-ranking officers on Admiralty board. In the early stages of his career, Piett proved himself an excellent captain of the bretonian dunkirks as well as good tactician. After many battles, where he proved his abilities, he received the permission to join the Bretonia Armed Forces with the rank of Lieutenant. Nevertheless the Piett's flagship continue to be part of the Bretonian Royal Fleet while it's captain slowly but progressively was building his reputation in the ranks of the Bretonia Armed Forces.

Late career