Fort Wakkanai

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Fort Wakkanai
Edo class Station
Fort Wakkanai.jpg
Flag-kusari.png Kusari Naval Forces
3G, Hokkaido
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 490

Constructed in 825 A.S., Fort Wakkanai is a large Naval facility situated strategically at the edge of the Unyo cloud to serve multiple roles, most importantly as a training facility for new pilots bound for the nebular theater of the Sigma cluster. Trainees based out of Wakkanai fly CAP and drill for advanced maneuvers in the opalescent blue-gold gas cloud for a minumum of 400 hours before being transferred to postings on the Sigma front against Rheinland, such as the Battleship Hyono. Pilots trained at Wakkanai have shown a mortality rate reduction of 33%, and that reduction is expected to improve as nebula combat exercises at Wakkanai are further refined.

For pilots permanently posted at Wakkanai, the base serves as a beachhead for operations in northern Kusari, a role in which the base is expected to succeed the Matsumoto and her battlegroup. Fighter wings spearheaded by gunships bound for the Chugoku and Tohoku systems are not uncommon, nor are assaults on the fort itself, though none have been successful thus far.

Lastly, Wakkanai serves an ancillary role as an early warning listening and defense post on the Gallic border. Although currently host to only gunship and fighter patrols, Wakkanai boasts drydock facilities capable of servicing larger capital vessels, and could be reinforced at any moment to lock down the Hokkaido system should relations between Gallia and Kusari break down.

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Kusari Gunboat
Repair Ship
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Prison Liner