Monte Carlo Freeport

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Monte Carlo Freeport
Kelly Grace class Freeport
Monte Carlo Freeport.jpg
C6, Provence
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 570

Located on the very edge of Mer Mediterainee and orbiting Planet Istres, Monte Carlo was built by the Junkers in 690-695 A.G.S., although their exact motives for establishing such a large outpost at the edge of Gallic space are not known. What is known however, is that various shady businesses with suspected ties to the Corse and Brigands occupy large sections of the base. Police inspections of the base have often been "dissuaded" from entering these parts, either by bribe or at gunpoint. Rumors suggest the station is actually a major smuggling outpost where a sizeable portion of Nox is processed.

Just like the city it was named after, Monte Carlo is also famous for its casinos and nightlife. Not as dangerous as a pirate base, the freeport is possibly the best way for a Gallic civilian to touch of life on the edge of legality. Prices on Monte Carlo are fair, and thousands of various ships carrying tourists dock there every year. These civilian convoys are rarely attacked, leading some to suspect that most pirate factions prefer to not draw unwanted attention to the freeport.

The events of the Second Gallic War, which lead to the exposure of role that the Junkers had in Sirius, made the operation of Monte Carlo more complex as their relations with the other Gallic unlawfuls became quite tense. The remoteness of Monte Carlo and its open-to-all philosophy were keys to the station's survival. Labeling themselves and their installation as Freelancer, many remaining Gallic Junkers live here in self-exile from the rest of Gallia and continue on, working quiet lives as staff and crew aboard eternal nightlife of Monte Carlo.

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