Fujisawa Mining Facility

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Fujisawa Mining Facility
Kitamura class Station
Fujisawa Mining Facility.png
GmgLogo.png Gas Miners Guild
4G, Okinawa
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,530

Constructed in 762 A.S. by the Gas Miners Guild after the discovery of vast untapped hydrogen reserves in the Mintaka Hydrogen Field, Fujisawa has grown to become one of the largest bases in operation by the GMG, supplying H-Fuel to various markets across Sirius and assisting Isehara with raw materials needed for its terraforming projects. The project was not without danger however, as the Mintaka field contains dangerous pockets of explosive gases.

Fujisawa is also serving as a way station, repair depot and barracks for the security forces that are heavily present in the system due to the sensitivity of the project being undertaken by the Gas Miners Guild and its corporate ally, Kishiro. Both Kishiro and the GMG have invested enormous sums of money into the joint project, with the Guild providing both raw materials and the security muscle necessary to protect their interests.

With the ever increasing attacks against Gas Miner Ogashawa in Sigma 19 by the Corsairs, Outcasts and even Samura's mercenaries, the Hogosha, the GMG hope that Fujisawa and the Planet Miura terraforming project will help revive their and Kishiro's fortunes in Kusari and the Sigmas, both economically and politically, allowing them to pull out of the Omicrons somewhat and come to some form of unofficial agreement with the Outcasts to lessen the pressure exerted on them by the incessant assaults.

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