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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
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Medium Green

  • TYPE: G2
  • COLOR: Green
  • MASS: 1.6 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 7.0 x 10e7 km
Planet Niiza.jpg
Planet Niiza

  • None
  • Hasuda Asteroid Field
  • Karatsu Cloud
  • Kofu Dust Cloud
  • Mintaka Hydrogen Field
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Karatsu Cloud

The Karatsu Cloud is often perceived by all who know of its existence to be a hauntingly beautiful cloud of swirling gases and fine particles of dust that catch and refract the light filtering through the cloud from the Green Dwarf star at the heart of the system.

Scanners are severely restricted within the cloud due to the nature of the gases and dust particles present, and the Golden Chrysanthemum are known to inhabit the cloud. It is believed that they have a base within Karatsu, although they zealously guard it with heavy patrols and it has never been reliably confirmed.

Karatsu Cloud

Kofu Dust Cloud

The Kofu Dust Cloud is something of a misnomer, given that it is in fact a cloud of nebulous gases that restricts sensor usage to short ranges. The fine particles of dust that pervade the cloud are responsible for the scanner malfunctions and few ships venture within to explore, especially given the huge Blood Dragon presence within the cloud. It is suspected that the Blood Dragons are hiding something in the Kofu Cloud, but nothing has ever been substantiated.

Kofu Dust Cloud

Mintaka Hydrogen Field

Discovered in 812 A.S. by the Gas Miners Guild exploration vessel Kinai Maru, the Mintaka Hydrogen Field appears to be one of the largest and most dense hydrogen fields ever discovered. The GMG were quick to move in and establish Fujisawa Mining Facility, and it has rapidly become one of the largest mining facilities operated by the Guild. Caution is to be advised within the field as pockets of explosive gas in some areas present navigational hazards to the unwary.

Mintaka Hydrogen Field

Asteroid Fields

Hasuda Asteroid Field

Although a number of the asteroids contain traces of iron, the vast majority are devoid of any real resources and no active mining operations exist within the field. Sightings of Hogosha vessels are occasionally reported throughout the field.

Hasuda Asteroid Field

Jump Gates/Holes