Furyoku Station

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Furyoku Station
Akebono class Station
Furyoku Station.jpg
Interspace Commerce
5D/5E, Okinawa
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 420

After the discovery of the Okinawa system, Kishiro and the GMG required a considerable amount of money to quickly begin the construction of the system's infrastructure. Unfortunately, the only corporation both willing and able to underwrite the project was Interspace Commerce, who agreed to insure and finance it in exchange for 5% of the H-Fuel profits from Isehara, and the ability to purchase goods from Isehara and Miura at cost. To facilitate trade, Interspace would also be allowed to establish a base in orbit of the planet. The GMG grudgingly agreed, and construction started on Furyoku Station at the same time as Fujisawa Mining Facility was assembled. The station was eventually completed in early 773 A.S., despite a number of sabotage incidences that were believed to be the work of Hogosha agents.

The base handles a large portion of the traffic moving in and out of Okinawa, and the GMG often stores a large amount of H-Fuel reserves at Furyoku. During the construction of Miura's orbital facilities the Hogosha frequently disrupted operations by launching small raids against the bases, but these have become more and more sporadic now that the facilities are operational.

Missions Offered

Bribes Offered