Gas Miner Trichsen

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Gas Miner Trichsen
Abbey class Station
Gas Miner Trichsen.jpg
KrugerLogo.png Kruger Minerals
2G, Sigma-13
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 780

Trischen was established in 596 A.S. alongside many other mining platforms in the Sigma-13 Crow Nebula by Kruger in an effort to curtail the GMG's growing influence in the Sigma cluster and prevent monopolization of the H-Fuel market. Although one of many, Trischen was unique in its role of acting as both a control hub and localized refinery for Kruger's operations in Sigma-13, and at the time was the largest spaceborne installation under their administration. As the Guild proved their dominance in the Sigma theater in the ensuing conflict, Kruger was forced to abandon Trischen and its sister platforms, leaving a trail of abandoned infrastructure in the wake of their withdraw from the Crow Nebula.

Discovered by the Outcasts in 817 AS, Trischen was repressurized and rechristened Manoel Outpost, which they used both for offensive operations against the GMG, and for smuggling Cardamine to the Golden Chrysanthemums. Largely redundant due to better positioned assets as well as their relationship with their allies in Kusari, Manoel Outpost never saw heavy traffic, and by 825 AS was manned by only a skeleton crew of about three dozen.

In late 825 AS, the Kempeitai launched a strike on Bochum Refinery, severely hampering operational effectiveness in Sigma-21. In a show of good faith, the Outcasts returned the largely abandoned platform to Kruger in hopes that doing so would create an inroad towards further negotiations with Rheinland. After the appropriate papers were signed in a quick and dirty property exchange, Trischen's two century old Helium scoops were brought back online once again.

The station, despite its close proximity to the Honshu Gate, now serves as the primary fuel source for the Rheinland war machine. Its critical importance to the war effort as the closest refinery to the front line ensures that the station is guarded by an MND contingent at all times, and no fuel ships leave Trischen without at least a two gunship escort.

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