Geneva Base

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Geneva Base
Zimmermann class Station
Geneva Base.jpg
BundschuhLogo.png Bundschuh
6F, Puerto Rico
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 340

The Bundschuh were dealt a terrible blow when their Dresden-based Zwickau Depot was destroyed in the fierce crossfire between Hessians and the Rheinland Military. With its loss, the party briefly lost both its means of looting from the crossfire, and its repository for salvaged military technology.

Delegates amongst various Bundschuh sects argued for weeks on how to combat both this loss and the abrupt refugee crisis on Nuremberg and Hammersee. Geneva was hastily constructed from salvaged material to address both issues. First, a large amount of hangar space was made available for storing the Bundschuh's limited inventory of ex-military snubcraft, using parts salvaged from wreckage in wake of the war with Liberty to refurbish them. Secondly, it acts as a waystation for Bundschuh ships crossing the border into Liberty space.

Deemed suitable as a last redoubt for the Party if other strongholds were compromised, Geneva’s bustle belies its ramshackle and bare-bones construction. Refugees and dissidents easily find work here scavenging military technology, including that of Libertonian manufacture - if they can get away with it.

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Rh fighter.png
Heavy Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter