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Puerto Rico System

Puerto Rico is the secret home of the Junkers in Liberty and all of the Sirius Sector. Most information is kept secret from the outside to maintain secrecy of Puerto Rico and it's inhabitants. Little is known of what goes on at the junker bases within Puerto Rico. Rumors spread that the Junkers concentrate their funds there. Building new ship models and developing new weapon prototypes. This can be backed up by the colossal Junker Salvager seen drifting through our Debris fields recently. A ship too massive to be built at your average junker depot.

Little is known astronomically about the system further than initial surveys detecting enourmous radiation from the far west of the system; suggesting there may be a Neutron Star similar to the one in Omega-41 in Puerto Rico.

The Junkers are extremely protective of their home and it's contents, so most outsiders are shot on sight by both stations and patrols within the system.

System Navmaps

System Overview

Local factions

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Planet Bosque.jpg
Planet Bosque
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Areas of Interest

Asteroid Fields

Rincon Field

A large field of rock asteroids in the heart of Puerto Rico system.

Ponce Asteroid Field

A medium-sized field of rock asteroids.

Puerto Rican Rift

A Neutron Star that emits dangerous amounts of ionizing radiation. It looks like a black "planet" with a ring system around it, any entrance would not be advised.

Jump Gates/Holes