Genoa Base

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Genoa Base
Catalejo class Station
Genoa Base.png
Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
5F, Omicron Tau
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 170

The mine field in the central part of the Omicron Tau system never attracted much attention of the Outcasts due to its desolate location and presumably non-human origin. However, in the recent couple of years occasional Outcast patrols that ventured in the area observed strange activity inside the field, as if there was a Jump Hole hidden inside. To monitor this activity, Genoa Base was built on some distance from the mine field, equipped with powerful scanners pointed towards the center of the field. Furthermore, a perimiter of small probes monitored the backside of the asteroid field.

When the Council breached the mine field in 817 A.S., the Outcasts interpreted their initial mineclearing efforts as an invasion. A large asteroid with an unknown engine signature plowed through the minefield, seemingly directed at Genoa. Torpedo fighters scrambled and quickly pulverised the guided asteroid as it exited the minefield. When Council scouts followed in it's wake, the fighter pilots assumed them a followup attack. The resulting short, but fierce battle was the first engagement between Sirian and Gallic forces. The Council scouts were all but wiped out.

The Outcasts sent their own scouts through the jumphole after bringing additional ships to Genoa. It did not take them long to determine the Junkers knew more then they were letting on about what lay beyond the mines. One of the first bases the Outcasts found was the Gallic Junker base Lixheim. After "persuading" several Junkers who were still on Malta to provide the Outcasts with the answers they needed, it was decided the minefield would stay in place, now serving to keep the Gallic forces out of Outcast controlled space.

Genoa has recently been expanded. Additional Fighters have been stationed at the base to respond to possible incursions from Gallia. Outcast leaders do not believe that the Gallic forces in Lorraine will be an immediate threat, as the Council has the system cut off.

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