Ibiza Base

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Ibiza Base
Unknown class Station
Ibiza Base.jpg
Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
5E, Omicron Alpha
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population Unknown

Ibiza was originally a small research installation designed to improve the quality of all manner of Outcast technologies, as well as being a port of call for patrols and smugglers; Ibiza produced the venerable Inferno, headed the failed GRAVISSIMA weapon project and in recent years has made significant upgrades to the conventional fusion drives in use with most of the Outcast ships. Also included in the original plans was a small survey module for planning future strip-mining operations on Mallorca, but this was cancelled shortly after the Outcast leaders decided that beginning a mining operation would be less cost-effective than simply continuing to import materials from beyond the borders. Ibiza is home to an important field-testing laboratory where the Outcasts tailor their processed Cardamine for use in off-world life support systems on their bases, ships and personal breathers.

Ibiza also monitors the eastern approaches to Malta. Ships coming from Omicron Beta are routinely scanned by the station. To deal with would-be hostiles, the station has small group of defenders permanently assigned to it - additional ships can be summoned from Malta within minutes.

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Light Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter