Isehara Refinery

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Isehara Refinery
Suika class Station
Isehara Refinery.jpg
KishiroLogo.png Kishiro Technologies
5E, Okinawa
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 660

Isehara finished construction in 763 A.S., four months after the settling of Planet Miura was started. Isehara was originally used to handle the flow of goods to and from the planet, including the Plutonium shipments that frequently made their way up from planet-side and the Transports full of Prisoners to work in the mines. It has since become the base of operations for the Terraforming project designed to make the planet more hospitable to human life. The station is administered by Kishiro, but also has a [[[Planetform]] advisory team aboard.

The station itself has a considerable Gas Miners Guild (GMG) paramilitary security detachment aboard. The GMG considers Okinawa their sovereign space, and as such has assumed responsibility for civilian security in the system. With the completion of Planet Miura's docking ring in 818 A.S., Isehara no longer needed to harbor supplies for the Planet. It has instead become a major orbital refinery for Plutonium-base nuclear fuels.

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