Jacob Fawley

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Jacob Fawley
Origin Flag-outcasts.png Nación Maltesa
Occupation Admiral of the 101st
Affiliation Outcasts
Ghosts of Razgriz 818 - Present A.S.
Rank Admiral
Born March 6th, 735 A.S. (Age 83)

A man of unnatural talents and extraordinary immunities, Jacob was more or less engineered instead of being chosen to become a pivotal role within the Ghosts of Razgriz. Being born into a long generation of pure-blood Outcasts who made their living in Bretonia, he withheld the extended life and enhanced mental capabilities that defined his race. The most note-worthy feature of this individual was his extraordinary and natural immunity to cardamine overdoses that would have killed others like him. For this purpose, he was sought out and experimented on in order to 'create a better Outcast'.



The Fawleys gained their name through their area of operations. Originating as the Jaguedas two generations back, they decided to integrate fully into Bretonian unlawful society and took up their operations with the Mollies. The name was awarded to them as a joke, in order to assure the unease the Mollies felt around these individuals. They took it with pride, adopting the name into their own. By chance, Jacob's parents, Thomas and Methilda Fawley, gave birth to a healthy son in 735 A.S on the 6th of March.

Growing up

His life as a child of cardamine addiction and raised in a hectic environment led to a rough life. He learned to walk at age 1, began talking at age 4, then had a gun forced into his hands at age 6. He gained his first fighter, a Dagger, at age 10, training with it under the guidance of those around him. It wasn't but two years later that he was actively participating in cargo raids against the corporations of Bretonia. For the next sixty years of his life, and with the acquisition of modified Sabre, Jacob would live life as a vagabond taking refuge on Junker bases and indulging on pleasantries that were more than unscrupulous.

A Talent

It wasn't until a freak drunken accident that Jacob discovered his niche in life: Survival in the face of the impossible. While heavily intoxicated, a Junker had convinced the naive Jacob that he should intake all the cardamine within his inhaler. He stupidly complied, opening the valve and choking on the acrid substance. The Junker's laughing soon subsided into a frown as Jacob stood up, stared at the man for a moment, then delivered a swift bone-shattering punch to his face.

When later asked (When he was actually approachable) about this phenomenon by his friends, he described an experience of heightened sensations and reflexes. He also apologized for what ever he may have done, not fully being able to control his emotions. As to why he didn't die to the vast amount of cardamine in his lungs and blood was never fully understood. Nor did they care. It was something he was able to use.

Under certain situations that were deemed stressful, Jacob would often risk his own life and induce a cardamine overdose in order to give him 'his edge'. The people around him often took bets on these incidents, joking idly as the man risked his own life in order to give him a much needed edge in combat. People soon learned to bet for him, seeing as every time he ran into these situations he often emerged victorious and unscathed.


During the later era of the Ghosts of Razgriz, Administrator Dennis Jameson took power, enacting a rule of lessened morals for the sake of scientific proficiency in order to further the Outcast race. With his extensive research into cardamine, it was no miracle that the rumors and reports of a man who could practically enhance himself even further via the drug would drop into his lap.

With the realization that the loss of the famed admiral, Arsenio Zavala, be they to natural or unnatural causes, was a distinct possibility, it was deemed necessary to replace the vacant rank with some one who could be both tweaked and manipulated to suit this role. Jacob was presented as a suitable test subject with plans drawn up to harness his abnormal cardamine immunities. He was quickly collected, modified, and trained around 817 A.S. in preparation of any short-comings within the command structure.