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This is an Liberty Navy Captain Character Owned and Played by: SmokesDen.


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Personal fighter

Jaime "James" Broodhouse
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Liberty Navy
Gender Male
Height 6 Foot
Weight 100 Kgs / 220 LBs
Affiliation Liberty Navy
Rank Sergeant Marine Captain
Status Alive and Well
Born Unknown AS


Jaime Broodhouse's Backstory is still yet unknown to those who lives in Liberty space. Once an no body, then an well known Mechanic savior during the War of the Coalition and Alliance that was statemented back during the 1 AS war. during the time he seen thousands of men of the alliance died due to the war out break from unknown causes in his very own eyes. He was part of the first group of alliance that lost their claims, and retreated. Although he manage to return back to Earth after his Squad was massively out numbered, he welcomed home without releasing his the only survivor moments later after he returned. Shortly after, the Coalition found Earth and he ran back into battle to stop them, but was to late.

Shortly after he got back into battle, His ship was out numbered and got blown up due to the heavy fire power it taken and was knocked out and hasn't woken up since until the year, 801 As. Shortly after he reawaken, He was in an place he never saw before, A place that looks nothing formiler to his memory and as he began to look around, a group of Future realistic medical teams came in to check on his status and without a weapon, He grab one of them and hold them to the ground and asked a few questions.

While he was holding one down, A Nurse manages to get an Security guard and was teased moments later. He was later been grabed and taken to the nearest Police station, which he only saw while they moving him, ships flying in the air, ships taking off and landing unsure whats going on. after a while, he got control of his head and asked in an Aggressive voice, "what day is it". He got told, "it's February 24th, 801As. and thatch all you need to know" in an annoyance voice due to was token off their Lunch break, which put him in shock and blacked out once again.

Shortly after he reawaken, he was seeing himself in a really Metallica looking room with a really shiny mirror on one the walls and a man wearing an suit came in and asked him a few questions like, Who are you, Where you from and why you attacked one of our Nurses on Planet Manhattan. As a man he is, He didn't respond to any questions expect said, "Rookie Jaime Broodhouse of the Alliance first fleet". The investigator gone quiet and slowly walked back towards a wall, which Jaime Noticed looked different and they quickly tapped and was taken out the room real fast.

Jaime tried to get on his feet but noticed he was hand cuffed to the char and feet clamped to prevent him standing or moving and waited with rage yet kept his temper inside, in which in the next room, they can see his heart rate increasing and his muscles began to get tighten as his ready to break free. he stayed quiet, and looked around, and stares at the mirror while the people who's listening and watching are talking to each other about can do to him.

Shortly after a few hours, a man wearing an Liberty Navy outfit who's seems to be shocked on what Jaime is wearing and came in and turned off the interviewer camera and looked at the people inside the other room as he knows their listening and thinks as taps the glass to the people to not listen. So they did and the man looked at Jaime and said without anything else said, "I know already who you are son". in no other words in an Military speech and looked at him with his left eye wearing an eye patch with a scare leading into his eye patch.

Jaime looked at him without a word and the man walked over to him and freed him from his chair and looked at Jaime and said also, "Don't try what you did, to me it won't work due to things you done in your time, is ancient and we became more advanced and alert then before during your time Son". Jaime was speachless.

the man gave him a flyer and walked off lefted Jaime alone to think and read the flyer. Shortly after he began to read it, a Detective came in to his investigator room and looked at him dead in the eyes and said, "you are been released on order by the retired Admiral, you better behave now Civilian." Unknowingly his an really old Fighter during the fight between Alliance and Coalition back in his time and lefted.


Faction Relationship
Liberty Navy
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Police
Liberty Corporations
Bretonia lawful+Corporations
Bounty hunters + Core
Kusari Corporations
Rhienland Corporations
Kusari lawful
Rhienland lawful
Everyone else
Gallic lawful+Corporation
At War
Liberty Insurgency
At War
Nomad forces
At war
At war
The Order
At war