Das Wilde

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see The Wild For the server rules for this faction, see Das Wilde ID.

Das Wilde
Wild Logo.png
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Federal Republic of Rheinland
Affiliation The Wild
Alignment Slomon K'Hara
Date of founding 800 A.S.
Founder(s) Florian Gustav Niemann
Current leader(s) Das Wilde Wesen
Base of operations Bottrop Depot, Drake
Primary role
Being the sword of the Slomon K'Hara, enforcing their will through force and violence
Secondary role
Setting the groundwork for the long-term plans of the Slomon K'Hara

Das Wilde is the name of the infested or otherwise Nomad-aligned humans based in Omega-55, Tau-117 and Omega-58, making up the southern presence of the Wild. While the core of Das Wilde is former Rheinland Military pilots, many taken during the Nomad War of 800-801 A.S., it also includes a handful of special individuals from other nearby factions. In addition, Das Wilde supports a fleet of Scorpion Gunboat Drones.



As a part of the Nomad collective, Das Wilde has no true leader- all elements work in harmony with one another without a need for hierarchy. However, several notable individuals, such as "Wesen" or Hektor Schneider are known to spearhead many of their efforts. Scorpion Gunboat Drones, however, occupy one of two roles in organization- if running an autonomous program, they are subservient and follow the commands of other Das Wilde agents in the field, while if controlled directly by the Nomads often lead raiding parties.


Das Wilde makes extensive use of mixed human and Nomad technology. Most commonly, they use Rheinland Military ships with Nomad-designed weaponry and wargear, sometimes allowing them to get close to their prey before they identify Das Wilde for what they are. Das Wilde also maintains a growing fleet of Scorpion Gunboat Drones, hybrid ships slowly being trained to function on their own without any direct guidance. These ships are extremely dangerous, built from the ground up to support both Nomad and human technology. When Scorpions are not being directly controlled by the Nomads, their behavior most resembles that of Artificial Intelligence, though such terminology does not properly describe them.

Modus Operandi

Das Wilde specializes in surgical strikes and terror raids, making use of small, well-coordinated strike forces to accomplish their objectives. In one common configuration, a handful of Wraiths and Bergelmirs will accompany a Scorpion Gunboat Drone, fanning out to locate targets and converging on any enemy that puts up significant resistance. Should reinforcements arrive to deal with the threat, Das Wilde will employ a variety of misdirection tactics, sometimes getting two enemy relief groups to fire upon each other. Through these tactics, the Corsairs have lost entire battlegroups to forces they vastly outnumbered.


Das Wilde most commonly is seen terrorizing mining operations in Omega-7, and while they have made a dent on commerce between Bretonia and Rheinland, these operations serve primarily as a cover for other operations. Das Wilde is always searching for humans to use as spies, puppets, or more directly as hosts to incubi or material for experiments. As with the events in Cambridge during the quest for the Sword in the Stone, Das Wilde is also working toward another, far more long term goal. All that is known now is that whatever it is, it involves the Newcastle system.


Faction Relationship
Aoi Iseijin
Everyone Else
The Order
At War

Known Bases

Rheinic Wilde

Gallic Wilde

Kusari Wilde

Liberty Wilde

Zone of Influence

As they do not attempt to hold ground, and almost exclusively make use of small raiding parties, Das Wilde's reach is quite long. While they most commonly operate in the low Omegas along the commerce routes between Bretonia and Rheinland, they have been seen in every populated system of both of those houses, and in previous years Sigma-13.

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