Junction Base

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Junction Base
Unknown class Station
Junction Base.png
Technical Data
Gravity None
Docking bays None
Amenities None
Population 0

Wreck of a station that was present in Kansas before the first Liberty explorers entered the system from Virginia. Studies of the wreck showed that Liberty base building technologies were used to construct this station, but no indication of who could be its former owner were found. Since all Houses and unlawfuls use Liberty and Kusari technologies for constructing base components, it remains unknown who built the station and why it was abandoned.

Notable Events

Neo-Terran Involvement

The Neo-Terran Front took up residence in Kansas for roughly a year, and set themselves to the task of repairing the station. They made several backroom deals to get the necessary materials and labor to repair the station. Progress was slow, however, and the Front was unable to complete major repairs on Junction before they attacked by LSF operatives, causing a frenzied evacuation. The NTF were driven off the station for good.

Current Status

As of 818 AS, the station can still be classified as a wreck. Some parts of the main section were successfully repressurized, and Junction's MOX-fueled backup generators can presumably still function. However, the severe damage the station took when it was originally abandoned was never competently repaired; the primary fusion generator still has a gaping hole in it, and there are no functional docking bays or mooring points. A repair job would be possible in theory, but would require substantial amounts of time and effort.