Kara Stellar Laboratory

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Removed in 4.89 or 4.90. Couldn't find the Post. But the Station is gone. Checked via FLStat and FLCompanion/NavMap after 4.90.1 Patch 7

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Kara Stellar Laboratory
Kara Research Station.jpg
ROS Logo.png Reapers of Sirius
3B, Cayman
Technical Data
Gravity none
Docking bays none
Amenities none
Population none

Kara Research serves as the primary installation for the Reapers. Aside from reverse engineering several Outcast weapons for use on Reaper ships, and designing station and ship technologies to supplement the Reaper forces that survived their exodus from Outcast space, Kara's primary focus is designing technologies to make Planet Braillia habitable again.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of minefield proved to be the undoing of the very station it was designed to protect. When Corsair raiders attempted to pillage the Laboratory, they performed a controlled chain reaction that would allow their ships to pass through a section of the minefield. The resulting detonation spread much further than anticipated and though the field was successfully thinned, the concussive blasts effectively tore Kara Stellar Laboratory apart. Destroying most, if not all, the scientific data and research the Reapers had collected.

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