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Cayman System

Cayman was the home system of the Reapers of Sirius. It serves as a pitstop for Edge Worlds travellers due to the Reapers reputation. But in 817 the SCRA started a massive invasion and conquered the system by destroying the Reapers. Now the Coalition is trying to rebuild the system soon for themselves. Most of the Reapers were killed off, but a few hundred of them managed to escape, and seek sanctuary within Auxesia.

System Navmaps

System Overview

Local factions
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Planet Braillia.jpg
Planet Braillia
Moon Bactun.png
Moon Bactun
Planet Fuere.png
Planet Fuere

None known

Areas of Interest


Flare Nebula

The Flare nebula made up of hydrogen and helium mixed along with the gases from Planet Fuere cause the Flare nebula to ignite and cause erratic superheated gases to form within the cloud. Along with Planet Fuere's help the Flare nebula is the main resource of fuel and power to the Cayman system.

Flare Nebula.jpg

The Periphery

A rather docile and beautiful cloud, it spans almost one third of the Cayman system. Unlike its twin this nebula does not offer any resources, but is a much safer and less hostile place to build installations.


Asteroid Fields

Cayman lava field

The Cayman lava field is a cluster of asteroid debris trapped within the Flare nebula and forced to overheat in the extreme tempratures. Due to the extreme temperatures within the nebula all resources within the field have been rendered useless.

Cayman lava field.jpg

Jump Gates/Holes

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