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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Reapers of Sirius For the server rules for this faction, see Reapers of Sirius ID.

Reapers of Sirius
ROS Logo.png
Origin The Sol System
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) Lohingren
Current leader(s) Lohingren - Archon
Base of operations Cayman
Primary role
To create a Utopia
Secondary role
The final destruction of the Coalition forces.

Year 2185 A.D

The Alliance began experimentation into gene therapy. The project was initiated with the intention of creating a new kind of soldier, able to survive in any battle situation.

Year 2189 A.D

The Alliance succeeded in creating the first super soldier, codenamed: GABRIEL. The soldier had higher reflexes, greater intellect and strength than the average soldier, along with all round improved bodily functions. GABRIEL was released into a research colony on the surface of Mars, controlled by Coalition forces, in a effort to take possession of much needed research materials, and to steal the plans for the Coalition’s newly formed ‘jump drives’. The mission was a resounding success and the project was given a full go ahead to start mass production of these soldiers.

Year 2190 A.D

The project involving gene therapy was cancelled due to some constituent countries of the Alliance finding it to be, "wrong and cruel" and experimenting on humans to make them better is, "…stepping into God’s territory". This did not stop the research department finishing off the last of the selected subjects, in total there were 100 units created. The small militia was to be later named the ‘Fallen Angels’, led by the first enhanced soldier, GABRIEL, though the Alliance’s new ace card did not last for long.

Two Months Later

Gabriel discovers the plans for the gene therapy project, little did he know he was lied to since his birth, Since he ‘joined’ the alliance one year ago, he never had any other memories before that time, having been told by the ‘doctors’ that he was caught in a blast and had a severe case of amnesia, though it did not take him long to realise there was 100 others all from the same militia with the same symptoms and they only had memories dating two months before their ‘accidents’. It was all too obvious to be a coincidence. Gabriel decided to infiltrate the research institution and find out exactly what was going on. The following night he infiltrated the facility, taking care of any security that was in his way – they had trained him well – as he navigated through the maze of corridors. He located the mainframe computer terminal room. This is where he would find the information that would change his life, as he searched through the countless files in the large database; he finally came across a file which caught his eye.

Researcher: Albert Steiner


The Research is a success, GABRIEL is fully functioning and performing better than expected. His bodily function readings are going through the roof, mental state is extrordinary.... not to mention his strength... a perfect specimen.

Gabriel, reads on further to find a very daunting line.

Little to his knowledge he was only ‘born’ one week ago, a fully grown man, for now we have blaimed it on amnesia, he seems to believe us for now. It should be enough of a story to make good use of him indeed.

Gabriel – or was he simply GABRIEL, a project, a codename – was infuriated by this and decided he would be no part in the Alliance’s little war games any longer, to prevent the same from happening again Gabriel decided to level the facility and destroy all the research and materials along with it.

1 Month Later

Gabriel revealed the information to the Fallen Angels militia, not to his surprise, most of them felt the same way as he did. They decided they would no longer be a part of the Alliance’s sick game and decided to flee Sol. It was not enough to just hide away on a planet within the system, the only way they could truly guarantee their safety and peace was to leave entirely. For three weeks the group planned and documented their best method of escape, until the answer fell upon their very laps. The Alliance had ordered the militia to storm a newly discovered Coalition shipyard, mass producing ships with the newly designed and implemented jump drives. It was their chance to escape the system and live their own lives, instead of lives dictated by war mongers. The operation was to start the following week, some of them would not survive, in fact many were expected to perish, but they did not care, it was better than living a fake life.

1 Week Later

The operation had begun, the militia snuck in during the night in only four stealth drop ships. The Coalition had no idea they were in the area until the attack had begun, the 1st Division taking the full frontal attack from the large shipyard. The defences where awesome indeed, it was more of a fortress than a shipyard, a detail that had been left out of the mission briefing, the place was supposed to be virtually undefended.

The 2nd and 3rd divisions began to destroy the defence laser weapons that where spraying in the direction of 1st division, the beams whizzing past like lightning, exploding no more than 4-5 meters away from the division, the 4th division had setup point on the mountainside with long-range ion mortars, in a hope to disable their security and defences for a short period of time. The battle was furious but eventually the fortresses perimeter was breached by the Fallen Angels. After the walls were penetrated, 1st Division seized the opportunity to advance, Gabriel screamed with all his might and charged the fortress, with a 24 man strong squad following behind him, blaster fire from the security guards whizzing past them, his men being picked off one by one, but it mattered not, the research gave them at least one gift that was useful in these situations; they where more advanced than normal humans, it did not take long for the security to be mopped up and the base to be taken.

As the war zone became silent, the time was now to act for the Fallen Angels, the four divisions ambushed and killed the drop ship pilots who were there to collect them at the rendezvous point, not long after them reporting a mission failure… at gunpoint of the Fallen Angels that is. For the Alliance the FALLEN ANGELS were no more, for them the mission was a complete disaster, for them there were no FALLEN ANGELS for them to manipulate any longer.

The Fallen Angels gathered within the compounds structure, Gabriel took a roster check to see who they had lost, by the end of the battle only 70 remained, 30 good men were killed that day, 30 men who died for what they believed in, 30 men who died in the name of peace.

After the mourning was done, it was time to depart, as the remaining troops walked through the facility saying their goodbyes to their short, but past war torn lives, the FALLEN ANGELS where now free to live, no longer just a capitalised codename. It was near the centre of the compound they found their new home, it was a large destroyer class vessel, more advanced than what was seen by their eyes before. They had no idea on how long it would take them to reach their destination. They gathered all the food, water and supplies they could find and began to board to ship.

As the Fallen Angels boarded their newly found Destroyer class vessel, they dubbed it the ‘Arc’. Gabriel found it a humourous name, after all.... he was named after a angel himself.... the Arc would carry them to safety as Noah’s Ark carried him and the animals to safety during the great biblical flood.

Year 2191 A.D.

The Fallen Angels landed on the planet of Braillia and find themselves a suitable new home where they would no longer be harassed by either the Alliance or the Coalition forces, peace that would last another 8 centuries.

Year 802 A.S.

The ‘FALLEN ANGELS’ are no more, all that remains is the statue of a once hero, who saved many lives from a despicable death at the hands of a alien race, and a old worn out destroyer sitting in the hanger bay, they no longer liked the name that was dubbed to them by the Alliance, now they just think of themselves as human.

They had formed themselves a certain line of hierarchy, with the ‘Archon’ at the top of the food chain, The current Archon was Father of Raemus and Ravarius Hikari, Rangu Hikari. The people of Braillia were living in a prosperous time, there was no crime, no disease, no famine. A veritable paradise.

Although after 802 years of peace and prosperity, this peace had been shattered. While Rangu Hikari and his wife Elayhm Hikari, along with General Gontfried were out on patrol in the surrounding space of the planet, they picked up a transmission blip coming from a nearby ship. It appeared to be an old Coalition signal according to the scanners. The three fighter class vessels, the only other combat vehicles the inhabitants of Braillia had, intercepted a signal being transmitted seeking a Coalition destroyer much like the one stolen in days past. The foreign ship’s crew immediately hailed the three pilots, ordering them to surrender or be destroyed, an impossible request, if they surrendered they would surely find the planet and invade, but where did this apparent Coalition ship come from? Sol's signal was lost a great time ago; they assumed the two sides had completely annihilated one another. Strange as it was, no-one knew exactly what it was that caused the system to just vanish; all that remained was a scorched planetoid, Pluto. Rangu and Elayhm decided to lead the vessel as far away as possible in a hope to direct them away from the planet. Gontfried was to return to Braillia and prepare the ‘Arc’ for immediate re-launch.

To this date, no status on Elayhm or Rangu’s whereabouts is known.

Year 803 A.S.

The Coalition destroyer that had appeared one year ago did not return, it would seem that Rangu and Elayhm had succeeded in leading the vessel away from the planet. But the planet’s state was slowly deteriorating without any form of leadership, the time to elect a new Archon was nigh, there where only few who where up to the task. Gontfried would traditionally have received the position straight away. But at the age of 40, it was highly doubtful he would take the position, so it was narrowed down to three people.

Raemus, youngest son of Rangu at the age of 20 he was the best candidate. Cool, calm, and precise, he only had what was best in mind for the people of Braillia just as his father did.

Ravarius, elder son of the Hikari family, at the age of 26, the only problem was his lack of being an able speaker, though it did not matter to anyone, Ravarius's actions spoke louder than what words would ever do, but the people needed someone to make them feel assured in this time of uncertainty. There was no place for someone who could not achieve this.

Leon, only son of General Gontfried and Raemus's best friend, also at the age of 20. He was up for the running in the trial, he was least favourite of the three, though he had a kind heart and on the outside cared for others. He was also a very self-centred man, the type of man that would think of himself first, the rest of the people second, though many knew of this and it affected his popularity with voters.

The people ran a election, all residents of the planet were to elect one of the three, though it was a pointless process, everyone knew who the better candidate was and who would win. In the end Raemus was given the title of Archon with a definitive share of the votes. He was to lead the people through the future troubles to come.

Year 804 A.S.

The residents of Braillia were once again on their feet, until the Coalition forces arrived again. On this occasion there was no time for them to divert them, it was either perish here or run. Gontfried had a few tricks up his sleeve and set up some planetary mines he managed to improvise out of various raw materials on the planet, they were not effective against the large ships, but it would at least slow them down enough for them to evacuate onto the Arc. Unfortunately it was of no use, the mines were nowhere near as effective as Gontfried had hoped, as the destroyer had entered orbit and had begun bombardment of the small settlement, they were no match for the heavy guns of the destroyer.

Gontfried was forced to launch early and leave some behind, by the time the ship had left orbit the village was decimated with no chance of anyone surviving. As they put more and more distance between themselves and the planet, Gontfried pulled out a small datapad, one that Rangu would carry around with him all the time, he had given it to Gontfried as a parting gift just before he led the destroyer away two years ago. The datapad contained a set of coordinates, “Lets hope Rangu was right about these coordinates” he thought, “setting course to the Sirius sector."

The ship initiated jump sequence and was on its way to the Sirius sector.

Year 805 A.S.

Raemus and Ravarius Hikari forfeit their names due to honour, and are renamed Lohingren and Silent Assassin.

Year 806 A.S.

Lohingren begins to become resentful towards human kind and begins his Journal.

Year 807 A.S.

Power supplies on board the Arc run critically low, all personnel are cryogenically frozen to save power.

Year 816 A.S.

The autopilot is switched off and cryo chambers are deactivated, the Arc is running on auxiliary power.

1 Month Later

The crew’s supplies run low, with only one month of food and water supplies remaining.

1 Month Later

It had been 11 years since the Arc left for it’s destination, it was then it stumbled upon the Omicron Alpha system. There it was, one of the sleeper ships, it looked bleak, the thing was a mess, there was no sign of life on board, nor did it look like there had been for sometime. The crew began to wonder if the sleeper ships had failed and if their journey had been for nothing. But it did not take long for them to be shown otherwise. A transmission was picked up shortly after arrival in the system, Gontfried answered the hails:

"These are the Outcast Forces calling unknown vessel, respond immediately or be destroyed!"

They called themselves the Outcasts, flying advanced fighters known as the ‘Sabre’. They where about to open fire until a man named ‘Don’ Adora Encarnita sent a transmission through to the Arc, “Unknown vessel, we would like to meet with you on our planet, please follow these fighters to the planet’s location.”

They had no choice in the matter, their supplies where all but depleted and the power supply of the Arc had no chance of standing against such a powerful foe. The Arc formed up with the Outcast vessels and proceeded to the planet’s surface.

There they met the first man to welcome them into Sirius, He was a Don, a high ranking member around these parts, he invited Lohingren to his quarters and they began to talk for hours. Lohingren and Adora became rather close, they spoke about many things, Lohingren about his people’s past, and Adora about his, it would seem the Outcasts where once a part of the Hispania crew. They where foiled during their journey to Sirius by what they believe to be the ‘Corsairs’ a group of pirates who lived not to far from the Outcast home system. It would also seem the Outcasts share the same symptoms of the ‘Super Soldier Project’, but it was not through the same means, they produced a drug by the name of Cardamine which had similar effects. The whole planet was enveloped in a shroud created by the natural plant life. The vegetation on the planet released orange spores into the air creating an airborne natural drug that not only gave them a gift, but cursed them also. They gained new abilities but in return where bound to the planet for all eternity, due to the fact if they were no longer under the influence of the drug, their body will shut down and they will eventually die. Lohingren did not know it then, but as he landed on the planet he had seen such a man with these symptoms, it was not a pretty sight.

After much discussion and explanation of Lohingren’s situation, Adora decided to propose a deal to Lohingren. In exchange for the man power of the ‘Fallen Angels’, they were to help the Outcasts in their battle against their enemies. The ones they believed to have sabotaged the Hispania and left them for dead. He would supply Lohingren and his men, and any further members with ships, supplies and funding, after the deal was done he was to do what he liked with what he had.

It was a perfect deal for Lohingren, he would be able to act out his grudge against the human race, in exchange for taking out a potential threat to his plans anyway. He could not refuse the offer. It was then he decided it was time to start a new.

Lohingren stripped the Arc of all its sub systems and components and had the ship towed and cast into the sun, a tear trickled down his eye as it melted in the sun’s corona. It had come a long way, a ship more than 800 years old, a ship that had saved his people multiple times. He then received a newly fitted Outcast destroyer, dubbed the ‘Arch Angel’. The Arch Angel to this date is still in service.

After much deliberation, Lohingren decided to bring on a more suitable name for their cause, one that would strike fear into his enemies. He would name his force: The Reapers of Sirius.

819 A.S. - Present Day

After 3 years of supporting the Maltese Nation and warring with the Corsairs, the Reapers began their own plans. They opened up hostility with the Coalition forces and started to solidify their presence throughout the Omegas and Omicrons by recruiting from any party willing to join.

They established their base of operations, located in the Omegas, while using their connections with the Nomads to stay hidden until they had a solid foothold.

Using their own knowledge and the knowledge they gained from the Outcasts, the Reapers fight to stop the Hispanic war and stabilize the warring states of the Omicrons and Omegas.


To Create a Utopia out of a warring land and to stabilize the skewed and hostile state of the Omicron and Omega sectors.

Roster and Squadrons

Skull Squadron

Squad Tag: [X]

Squad Leader(s):

Archon - Lohingren

Commander - Almando Mixel

Squad Members:

Angel - Thrakhath

Angel - Anna Reyes

Grand Reaper - Dante Todorio

Soul Reaper - Punisher

Soul Reaper - Ron Uvas

Soul Reaper - Flagg

Grim Reaper - Gutierrez

Reaper - Hatchet

Reaper - DesertSword

Reaper - Vincent Richards

Reaper - Eclipse

Reaper - Tito de Rielto

Reaper - Franko Vasquez

Reaper - Exile

Reaper - Ortiz

Reaper - Dalos Estaves

Reaper - Vin Chenzo

Fallen Angels

Squad Tag: [V]

Squad Leader(s):

Fallen Angel - Raemmus Hikari

Angel - Juan Zavala

Squad members:

Angel - Andre Montoya

Soul Reaper - Illusion

Soul Reaper - Black Corona

Reaper - Alvaro Salazar

Reaper - Huescar

Reaper - Gemma Ramirez

Reaper - Lucion Vega

Reaper -Raul Mendoza

Devil Wings

Squad Tag: [W]

Squad Leader(s):

Grand Reaper - Alvaro.Himenez

Angel - Lucio Octavia

Squad members:

Angel - 'Kurigauth'

Angel - 'Peacekeeper'

Grand Reaper - Jake Burner

Grand Reaper - Francisco Palencia

Reaper - Esteban

Reaper - Stormwind

Reaper - Une Bounde

Reaper - Cenotaph

Reaper - Nevermore

Reaper - Stardust

Reaper - Vancejo

Epigoni Squadron

Squad Tag: [E]

Squad Leader(s):

Angel - Monica Guiterez

"Supreme Commander" - Christiano Audaz

Squad members:

Reaper - Crunchy

Reaper - Rauch

Reaper - Paulus

Reaper - Contreras

Garuda Wing

Squad Tag: [G]

Squad Leader(s):

Unknown - Unknown

Known Members:












Faction Relationship
At War
Red Hessians
Bounty Hunters Guild
Rheinland government enforcers
Rheinland corporations
The Order
Aliens and infested forces
Everyone Else