Karl Kürbis

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Karl Kürbis
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation LWB
Born December 1 774 A.S., Planet Stuttgart
Died Still Alive


Karl lived and worked with his family on Stuttgart. When he was old enough, he became an apprentice to a successful Chef who taught him well. Eventually, just after the Nomad War, he opened his own Restaurant: Karl's Diner (he was there for cooking, not name thinking). His culinary style could best be described as primarily Rheinlandic with a Kusari infusion influence. The restaurant was successful but due to the rising costs of fresh local foods (a big draw for the place), he was forced to sell it. It became a bar specializing in Synth Paste and Beer, much to his dismay.

At this point, he figured he didn't have much else to lose, so he took the proceeds from the sale, traded in his Humpback, and purchased a Behemoth. He then went to his old friend, Wenzel Ranis, and ended up working with the LWB on Darmstadt.

He and his wife currently live in Saar, where he also serves as a bartender (when he is not on a mission). His wife Linda is best known as one of the dock workers who clear ships to land on Darmstadt, which is where the two met.


  • Aliases: Grosser Kürbis
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Political Affiliations: WVS member, Stuttgart Association of Restaurateurs
  • Occupation: Chef, pilot, Udo's friend
  • Ships spotted in: Behemoth, Hawk (however, his wife has stated that he is no longer allowed to fly this)


  • Linda Kürbis, wife
  • Udo Ackermann, unofficially adopted son-substitute