Planet Stuttgart

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Planet Stuttgart
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Owner Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland Federal Police
Location 3E, Stuttgart
Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Technical information
Population 3,500,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 15,209 km
Mass 6.12 x 1024 kg
Temperature -11°C to 39°C
Escape velocity 12.23 km/sec

Colonised in late 94 A.S., shortly after the exploration of the Stuttgart system by the famous Rheinland explorer, Von Rohe, Stuttgart was hailed as the Jewel of Rheinland. A green, fertile world ideally suited to agriculture due to the high concentration of carbondioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere and nitrate-rich soil, Planet Stuttgart was colonised heavily by thousands of farmers and other colonists, attracted by the prospect of making a living on a Planet that did not spend most of its time bathed in sub-zero temperatures.

It quickly became the primary Food producer for all of Rheinland, with many plants from Earth being grown with ease. Vast plains were seeded with the grains and wheats that once fed the population of Earth. It was during the formative years that many of the huge farming clans and dynasties started. The largest of which were the Bachmeier, Erlichmann, Sterl and Weiss families, who controlled enormous plantations and farms across the Planet. The farmers organised themselves into a collective known as the Weltbau Verein von Stuttgart (WVS), a powerful Farmers Rights union that successfully lobbied New Berlin for farming subsidies for centuries. The government money boosted Stuttgart's food output and generated a huge amount of wealth for the Farmers, right up until the Eighty Year War.

As the war against the Gas Miners Guild wound down towards its ignoble conclusion, the Rheinland government, realising that it was almost bankrupt, decided to cut all subsidies to planet Stuttgart almost overnight. The WVS protested massively, but the decision was final. The money they had once received in subsidies simply wasn't there anymore. Adding insult to injury, it became clear that the fledgeling Rheinland republic had borrowed an incredible amount of money from Liberty to keep itself afloat. When Liberty called in on it's debts, Rheinland had little choice but to negotiate a settlement. As part of that debt renegotiation, Liberty corporations were allowed to settle themselves on Stuttgart.

With the Rheinland currency completely devalued and unemployment skyrocketing, the vast majority of the farmers on Stuttgart were virtually bankrupt along with the rest of their nation. Synthfoods was quick to move in, buying out several of the plantations and converting them into growing fields for their own genetically engineered, high yield crop. Many of the plantations suffered mysterious accidents prior to their bankrupcies, leading to accusations of sabotage. The Farmers that held on to their traditional crop plantations were forced to lower the price for their produce in order to compete with Synthfoods. The cause of the Farmers was lost on the rest of Rheinland however. Stuttgart, and the Synth Food plantations and food processing plants that were being erected planetside, were a source of employment in that time of crisis, and caused a massive immigration wave.

When Synth Foods decided to alter the climate in 770 AS by raising the carbondioxide levels in the atmosphere of it's crops to speed up crop growth, the WVS protested heavily to the government, as the move had a disastrous effect on Stuttgarts climate as a whole. Synth Foods however had key members of the Rheinland government on its payroll, and the WVS went unheared. Outraged, radical elements among the farmers attacked razed the Synthfood terraforming plants and set fire to their crops. In response Synthfoods pressured the Rheinland government to get rid of the WVS completely by replacing its leaders with Synth Food lackeys.

This was the final straw that triggered a fullblown revolt on the Planet. Outraged farmers, environmental activists and sympathisers joined forces and founded the Landwirtschaftsbewegung (LWB), which according to rumors is led by a member of the Erlichmann family. The LWB began a campaign designed to drive Synth Foods out of Rheinland by destroying their assets - and their profit - both on Stuttgart planet, and in space.

Despite this conflict, Stuttgart remains the most attractive planet to live on for the average Rheinlander. The population has risen steadily, to a healthy 3.5 billion as of 818 AS

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Very Heavy Fighter
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