Kreutzwald Depot

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Removed/Replaced by Bornholm Depot in 4.90.2

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Kreutzwald Depot
Ramshackle class Station
Kreutzwald Depot.jpg
E2, Omega-55
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 410

Known locally as the "Kreutzbasar", Kreutzwald is a bustling marketplace in the lawless and remote Omega-55 system. Possibly the oldest human-inhabited establishment in the system's history, intense debate rages on amongst the inhabitants; none can seem to agree upon the exact origins of the Kreutzbasar.

Administrated by an itinerant cabal of Junkers, many goods pass through the open market; most significant amongst them Alien Artifacts of all shapes, sizes, and prices. While Junkers and Corsairs are the most frequent patrons; Hessians, Bretonian and Rheinland Intelligence, and the occasional daring Freelancer are visitors and patrons of the station's services.

While the Corsairs have in the past repeatedly attempted to annex Kreutzwald peacefully or otherwise, it is believed that in the past decade they and the Junker cabal came to some sort of artifact-related arrangement. A number of decks are off-limits to standard patrons, and rumors swirl through the Omegas about their role in relation to the the system's rumored reputation as the catalyst of the Nomad War.

Recently the number of raids on Kreutzwald have increased significantly, most notably those being conducted by Das Wilde.

Missions Offered

Bribes Offered