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Omega-55 System

Omega-55 a system where the forces of Das Wilde, Core, Order, the Corsairs and the Coalition/Hessians vie for dominance over the system, the Junkers also have a presence and is rumored to have been involved in some manner with the sparking of the Nomad War.

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Local factions
Aarhus Planetoid.jpg
Aarhus Planetoid
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Planet Skagen
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Planet Rugen

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Areas of Interest

Ferner Field


During the formation of the Omega-55 system, the heavy gravitational pull of its twin stars attracted a great amount of mass from the resource rich Walker nebula in its vicinity. The unusually large accretion disk of the system managed to form many planets, which collided over billions of years and flung millions of fragments throughout the gravity well, eventually coalescing into the Ferner Field.

While it's possible that the field may contain vast, untapped amounts of minerals, the Junkers, Coalition, and Core alike all warn against entering. Of the local powers in the region, only the Core dares to traverse the Ferner Field, and even then not without heavy escort. Core ships seen leaving the field almost always carry scorch marks consistent with weapons fire, but none ever say what lies within the planetary graveyard. One rumor circulating on Bornholm Depot is perhaps more frightening than the rest - that the Core have no earthly idea themselves.

Kattegat Field


Wracked by tidal forces, the Kattegat Field is a halo of minerals caught by the immense gravity of two stars, mountians of minerals churned into superheated slag by the tidal forces. The abundant radiation and gravity of the region makes it unappealing to nearly every industry, but the chaotic activity in the region is fascinating to observers of the three body problem.


A barycenter is the center of mass between two or more objects and the point around which they orbit.

Rostock Deconstruction Site

A small field of debris located near the only jump corridor to house space, the Rostock Deconstruction Site lends its namesake to Rostock Station, a former Bounty Hunter outpost in the border world. Rostock Station was hastily deconstructed by the Guild when the Schwerin moved to abandon the system in favor of securing Omega-7. Surrounded by enemies, the Bounty Hunters Guild found the position to be untenable and took their business elsewhere, leaving the debris of their old home in their wake.

Walker Nebula

3 outcropping's of the Walker Nebula that remained after the formation of this star system.

Jump Gates/Holes