Kure Shipyard

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Kure Shipyard
Biruda class Shipyard
Kure Shipyard.png
Flag-kusari.png Kusari Naval Forces Guard
3C, New Tokyo
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 790

Built in 802 A.S., Kure shipyard is the latest acquisition of the Kusari Naval Forces. The destruction of the Kusari fleet at the hand of Rheinland during the Nomad War forced Kusari to rapidly rebuild her forces. The capacity of Yokohama and Yukawa combined was not enough, so the Naval Forces had Samura build a third, purely military yard with only a single purpose: The construction and maintenance of Kusari warships.

Kure has played a major role in rebuilding Kusari's mighty fleet. When Bretonia forced Kusari to show its military prowess in the Tau Borderworlds, many of the ships built at Kure performed admirably. But as history repeated itself during the Gallic invasion, Kure finds itself once again in the role of rebuilding the Kusari capital fleet. While costly, this means that in the coming decade, Kusari is likely to have some of the most modern warships in Sirius.

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Ku destroyer.png
Kusari Destroyer
Kusari bc.png
Kusari Battlecruiser
Ku battleship.png
Kusari Battleship