Leipzig Station

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Leipzig Station
Abbey class Station
Leipzig Station.jpg
Hessianlogo.png Red Hessians
6C, Dresden
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Crew 850

Leipzig Station used to be the main ore processing and smelting operation for Daumann Heavy Construction in Dresden. The station was seized by the Red Hessians in early 818, but not before Daumann had already moved the bulk of its industrial hardware to The Ring, where it was more secure. Daumann had been aware for centuries that the unforgiving environment of Dresden, along with the increasing Hessian raids against both the base and the ships moving cargo to and from it, as well as the ever reducing yields from the mining operations, meant that it would not be costeffective to maintain Leipzig indefinitely.

When the Hessians boarded and seized control, they found an almost empty shell remaining. The massive foundries and nuclear furnaces were still there - too large to be moved, but the more delicate fabrication machinery used in the construction of High-Temperature Alloys were gone - leading many Hessians to suspect Daumann was aware of their intentions. Nevertheless, the Hessians have started to make good use of what part of the station remains. The Kierwolke provides a natural barrier against the massive Rheinland capital fleet, which seems more intent to defend Bautzen then to reclaim Leipzig.

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