Lisbon Station

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Lisbon Station
Oasis class Station
Lisbon Station.jpg
Order Logo.png The Order
5D, Omicron Epsilon
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 570

Located within the rocky outcroppings of the Hoff Dust Cloud, Lisbon Station is the secondary base of operations for the Order within the Omicron Epsilon system. Originally placed as a sentinel for the Order's garrison in Epsilon, the station was attacked and destroyed during a daring Core raid into the northern Omicron systems. Left derelict and unpicked for salvage, the station sat for years unattended while Epsilon slowly grew quiet. With a growing increase in Nomad activity throughout the Omicron sector, the decision was made for the station to be salvaged and rebuilt in full, and over months of hard effort and with the support of their allies, Lisbon was soon brought back into operation.

In now serves as a base from which the Order launched patrols into the surrounding systems in search of Nomad and infestee activity, once more operating as a bastion of the Order's strength within the untamed Epsilon system.

Missions Offered

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