Lost Star Vigilantes

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Lost Star Vigilantes
Origin Tau Region
Alignment Independent
Recruitment By invitation ONLY
Date of founding 818 A.S.
Founder(s) Sol Fenrir
Current leader(s) Sol Fenrir
Base of operations Java Station, Tau 23 (as guests of the IMG)
IFF Freelancer
Tag(s) .|*
Primary role
Blocking slave trafficking operations, punishing the slavers and cardamine smugglers
Secondary role
Fighting the Outcasts and reducing their threat in Taus
Table of contents
This is an unofficial player group.


The Lost Star Vigilantes are a close knit group of individuals working against the slavery, slavers and, their employers, the Maltese. Based in the Taus, they try to block the Outcasts' smuggling and human trafficking operations, while acting as a guerrilla fighting force against the Maltese pirates and war parties in the region. They are anonymously supported and supplied by various organizations and individuals with similar aims, most notably the Independent Miners Guild.

Many members of the Vigilante have been fighting the slavery themselves long before the forming of the group; some of them as lonely warriors within the rocky battlegrounds of the Taus, while some as police officers disgruntled by the LPI and the way the organizations like them handle things. No matter what their background is, they stumbled upon each others and decided to work together for their cause. They maintain their independence from other organizations and try to stay away from the inflammable politics of the regions they are working in, concentrating on the reason they are together and fighting for; preserving the freedom of humanity.

Before the Forming

The Lost Star Vigilantes as an organization was eventually put together by two individuals, one of them being Sol Fenrir, an ex slave of the Maltese and a soldier turned rogue. After leaving Malta, Sol Fenrir traveled around Sirius for a long while, at first searching for a cure to his cardamine addiction. Failing at that, he decided to move to the Taus to start his bloody fight against his old masters the Outcasts, getting his revenge on the slavers who make their fortune over the misery of the slaves which Sol called 'my people'. Along the way he met the people which would soon be the members of the Vigilante.

Humble Beginnings

One of them would be Johanna. Having served in the Colonial Military, and possessing extensive knowledge in the organizational, intelligence, and scientific studies, Johanna provided Sol with the necessary information and support he needed to successfully continue with the fight he started. However, two alone would do nothing much against the Maltese Beast, so they decided to contact to those that would be interested in their cause, and they formed an effective fighting force.

For a long while they flew around doing their jobs without a name for the thing they put together. As they continued fighting against one common enemy, it became obvious that their group was becoming something more than a few friends shooting together. The name Lost Star was chosen because it was the name of the ship Johanna and her family were in the last time they were together. The Lost Star then became a family for their members. Also the name fit the situation they were in; a hope barely recognized, yet still there.

First half of 819 AS - Expansion

With the support they received from the usual residents of the Taus, the Lost Star Vigilantes appeared to be extremely efficient in stopping smuggler and slaver transports. The Taus were almost cleansed from the Outcast influence, and the Vigilante took a firm grip on the territory. This, however, led to their opponents seeking new routes for their trade; and it took a while for Lost Star to find out where they might be running from. It soon appeared that the new favorite smuggling and slaving route is through the Sigmas, so the Lost Star struck a deal with the GMG to gain the resources to expand in that area. The Lost Star would be defending their bases, and hunting their enemies; in return they would be supplied for their exploits in battles, and rewarded for their successful operations against the smugglers in Sigmas.

Disbanding - Taus Aflame

They wouldn't have enough time to expand to Sigmas properly, however, and the grip on the Taus would not be held for long. Their leader Sol Fenrir had went missing without a trace, and was assumed dead for the next six months. The Vigilantes would continue their operations for another month, however personal reasons and loss of morale eventually led to their disbandment. Without another standing fighting force in the Taus, and the resident de facto owners of the territory, Colonials and Gallics, fighting among themselves, the Outcasts eventually could settle back in the area like they used to. The IMG was getting more and more pressured by attacks on their members and bases, and the life in Taus was getting harder by day.

Starting Over

After months of disappearance Sol Fenrir appeared in the Taus once again, seeking to gather what exactly may have happened to himself, and where the other members of the Vigilante have gone. A few of the old members appeared to help him, and he recruited a couple of new members. The IMG provided the Lost Star with resources, and they can be seen flying around in the Taus to do their part as before.

Relationship with the IMG

Their successful operations in the Taus against slavers, smugglers and the Outcasts caught the eye of the guild. It was obvious that both the IMG and the Lost Star have similar aims and common enemies. Since the withdrawal of the Colonial forces from the Taus, the work of the IMG Para-Military became more dangerous as they had trouble keeping the troublesome Outcasts at bay. For that reason, the IMG decided to secretly fund the Lost Star Vigilantes, giving them docking rights and housing in Java Station, allowing them to do their jobs even better.

Unofficially, the Lost Star Vigilantes help the IMG forces with keeping the Taus and their mining operations in the region safe, assisting them against any threat. However, they preserve their independence, and are not related to any group except being partners to some.

Members and their Ship Signatures

- Sol Fenrir : Ragnarok.|* - Strife.|* - Seth.|* - Riot.|* - Hades.|*

- Mr. Jub Jub, the Second in Command : Lesi's Imagination

- Scar : Scar.|*

- Icognito : Fatal.Bonds.|*

- Lesi : Friction.|* - Stinger.|* - Dapper.|*

- Karl and Arma : Karma.|* - Countenance.|*

- Transports : Day's.Cradle.|* - Faint.Hope.|*

- Johanna : missing

- Tavish Degroot : missing

- Clarence Rowe : missing

- Cassandra Gariot : missing

Diplomacy and Operation Zones

Faction Relationship
Independent Miners Guild
Gas Miners Guild
Gallic Royal Navy
Gallic Royal Police
Gallic Metal Service
Colonial Republic
Golden Chrysanthemums
Faction Relationship
Lane Hackers
Farmers Alliance
Liberty Rogues
Cardamine Smugglers
At War
Lost Star Vigilantes Operation Zones