Luxury Liner Belleville

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Luxury Liner Belleville
Snapdragon class Liner
Luxury Liner Belleville.jpg
IDF Logo.png Ile-de-France Shipping
4F, Lorraine
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 650

Luxury Liner Belleville is one of the well-known cruise vessels operated by Bouvet Space Entertainment group, formerly a subsidiary of Solar Engineering. Belleville is one of the earliest vessels of its class, having been launched in 703 A.G.S. It is most commonly seen in the Lyonnais system, but it occasionally visits Lorraine. The Liner is currently stationed at the edge of the massive Rhone nebula.

Belleville cruises are one of the most popular for upper-class Gallic travellers who prefer the safer environments of the Core Worlds, Lyonnais in particular. For those who prefer more exciting experiences, other cruise routes exist, including a trip into the Border Worlds featuring a "guaranteed pirate attack". Since the opening of the Tau-53 Jump Gate, the liner has also begun seeing a fair share of Kusari visitors, curious about their new Gallic neighbours.

Solar was dissolved in 737 A.G.S. by a Royal Decree, merged under EFL Oil and Machinery. Bouvet, on the other hand, was purchased by Ile-de-France Shipping, along with most of its popular Luxury Liner offerings.

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