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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

  • None
  • Ezo Ice Field
  • Karafuto Ice Crystal Field
  • Rebun Asteroid Field
  • Tau-53 Barrier Nebula
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Tau-53 Barrier Nebula

The Tau-53 region of the Barrier Nebula is rich in water ice, methane and other hydrocarbons. These key resources have made Tau-53 of high, conflicting, interest to both Kusari and Gallia. Whilst Kusari considers the entire system to be part of their territory, Rishiri, Gallia only recognises a Kusari claim on some parts of the system. As tensions between the two Houses brew, local criminal elements have taken advantage of the political insecurity to further their own gain: Outcast smugglers have been seen peddling Cardamine towards Gallia, and Maquis pilots frequent the lanes, striking from and vanishing into the fog.

Asteroid Fields

Ezo Ice Field

Located in the north of the system, the Ezo Ice Field is known to have a very high presence of Maquis terrorists and Bretonian Privateers. Even though the Royal Navy police the field, attacks on the Lyonnais Gate by insurgents are not uncommon.

Karafuto Ice Crystal Field

Within the Karafuto Ice Crystal Field, it would be easy for one to become enamoured by the beauty of the dazzling ice crystals within. However, it is not a safe place for sight-seeing, as Outcasts are known to lurk within, searching for prey to plunder. As Karafuto is largely unexplored, and known to contain many hazardous gas pockets, it has been very difficult for local law enforcement to crack on the criminal activity in the field. Traders are advised to keep clear.

Rebun Asteroid Field

After a survey, the Rebun Asteroid Field was found to be rich in Raw Hydrocarbons. Samura was quick to capitalise on this, and has set up mining operations across Rebun. Rumours have circulated of GMS vessels being spotted within the field, leading some to believe Gallia has also become interested in mining the Raw Hydrocarbons inside.

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