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Cargo Space 1
Decay Rate no decay
Default Price 499

Something of a rarity throughout Sirius, authentic leather is considered an impressive status symbol in Sirius. Despite the large number of habitable planets across the sector, very few are capable of supporting large mammalian creatures. Some worlds such as Planet Cambridge and Planet Stuttgart have been seeded with larger agriculturally valuable animals like cows and sheep, fewer still have native fauna viable for leather production.

The Commonwealth's capital of Planet Guadalajara in the Vespucci system is one of those rare exceptions, with sizable populations of large herd animals suitable for leather production. The Commonwealth has quickly become the foremost producer of leather within the sector, providing a safe and simple source of jobs and a steady source of income for the newly formed government, much to the Republic's dismay.

Despite this, there is still a large market for leather apparel and accessories with upper crust Sirians. Leather's applications are many and varied, and not all of them are considered kosher.

Note to buyers: Whips and chains sold separately.

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases either sell the item, or buy the item at a non-default price (possibly lower).


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