Madeira Base

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Madeira Base
Mponeng class Asteroid Base
Madeira Base.jpg
ImgLogo.png Independent Miners Guild
B5, Omega-47
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 75

Madeira Base is the Independent Miners Guilds ambitious base building project in Omega-47. Using their pioneering spirit, deep space experience and flexible diplomacy, the Guild intends to make Madeira a stepping stone as operations shift away from the politically toxic Omega Borderworlds to the vast, untapped riches of frontier space.

Following busy months of construction work under challenging conditions, Madeira has recently been completed with the finishing of its living quarters, which are expected to house more people than are planned to be stationed on Madeira in order to allow for unexpected situations. Having begun its work surveying the surrounding Walker Nebula and El Aaiun Field for Cobalt, spirits on Madeira are high despite the potential for conflict with the Corsairs in their war against the Red Hessians in the system.

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Light Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter
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Nanda Devi