Volgograd Ordinance

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Volgograd Ordinance
Commod toxicwaste.jpg
Cargo Space 1
Decay Rate no decay
Default Price 1,500

As the Coalition waged it's war throughout Sirius they realized that employing House-crafted equipment was not sustainable in the long-run. Engineers working under the Coalition's command designed and tested a variety of prototypes until they settled on a selection of Light Arms and Powered Armor that was found to be easier to manufacture and highly reliable in adverse conditions. However the weapons and armour were found to be slightly heavier than House-made arms such as Detroit Munitions. Still there are those in the Black Market who seek to cater to revolutionary and terrorist movements across Sirius found the Coalition's war materials to be popular amongst both groups in addition to House Intelligence Agencies who are always seeking an edge over their enemies.

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases either sell the item, or buy the item at a non-default price (possibly lower).


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