Maintenon Shipyard

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Maintenon Shipyard
Vallee class shipyard
Maintenon Shipyard.jpg
Gallic Royal Navy
3F, Orleanais
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 580

Maintenon Shipyard was built in the orbit of Planet Orleans in 379 A.G.S. . It is one of the primary military shipyards of the Gallic Royal Navy, and has been building ships since its construction. It has been heavily modified over the years to accomodate construction of new ship classes, with some of the most significant upgrades implemented in the last years of the First Gallic War. Compared to Rambouilette Shipyard which concentrated on research and development, Maintenon was designed for mass production of ships designed elsewhere. When ship production became a priority for the Gallic Royal Navy at the start of the Second Gallic War, activity on the base increased dramatically. All of its docks are currently in use, producing and repairing ships for the Bretonian front.

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