Misaki Station

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Misaki Station
Shotoku class Station
Misaki Station.jpg
SamuraLogo.png Samura Industries
4D, Tau-53
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Crew 960

Samura has taken considerable blows in the last decade. The loss of its exclusive Gas Miners Guild (GMG) H-Fuel contract meant a large portion of its shipping fleet would soon sit idle. The defeat of Kusari in the resource-rich Tau Borderworlds by the invading Gallic Forces also meant that any attempt at expanding its mining operations in that direction were now impossible. Samura however, still had several highly successful industries from which to draw on. Its recent Quantum Multiplexor products have begun to be adopted in Sirian shipbuilding. While expensive, Quantum Computing is much more powerful then traditional Optronic processing.

With the demand for Quantum Multiplexors rising steadily, Samura wanted to build a large manufacturing plant where it could produce the product efficiently. The absence of any major stellar or planetary bodies in the Tau-53 system provided the ideal location - the stations manufacturing plants could be kept at absolute zero gravity, which speeds up the manufacturing process.

While Samura had intended for the base to stay in relative seclusion, protected mainly by well-paid Hogosha "mercenaries", circumstances changed their plans when Gallic ships made contact with the station in late 819 A.S. Gallia, as part of it's war plan, had secretly built a Jump Gate targeting Tau-53, from which they could have opened up a second front for attacking Kusari. Now that the return gate was also complete, Gallic officials announced its presence, and intention to open the passage for commerce.

Since then, Misaki has become a busy station, not only producing Quantum Multiplexors for most of Sirius, but also becoming a waystation for traffic between Kusari and Gallia. Kusari Navy officials have indicated they wish to move the Battleship Matsumoto into the system once the Otaru Border Station is complete.

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