Offenbach Outpost

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Offenbach Outpost
Westerwald class Station
Offenbach Outpost.jpg
Hessianlogo.png Red Hessian Guard
5G, Omega-54
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 160

Offenbach is a base placed between the Odenwald and Weilsberg asteroid fields. Its sole purpose is to serve as a resupply base and strongpoint for the Hessian raider wings heading to Dresden from Omega-54. It houses a steady garrison of fighters in case any enemy craft ever emerged from the Dresden Jump Hole.

The outpost was commissioned in 764 A.S., shortly after the stabilisation of the Omega-54 jump hole and the subsequent survey of the system itself by the Red Hessians. It was almost entirely constructed with resources mined or recovered from Dresden and Omega-11, setting the stage for all future Hessian construction projects in the Omega systems.

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