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Governing House Independent
Region Border Worlds

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Medium Red

  • TYPE: K3
  • COLOR: Red
  • MASS: 1.87 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.48 x 10e7 km
Planet Wiesbaden.jpg
Planet Wiesbaden
Not dockable
Planet Giessen.jpg
Planet Giessen
Planet Odense.jpg
Planet Odense

  • None
  • Odenwald Asteroid Field
  • Schutznebel
  • Weilsberg Asteroid Field
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Meaning literally "protective fog", the Schutznebel is a large, dense cloud of gases characteristic to the deep confines of the Walker Nebula. The Omega-54 system is unusual in that the roaming nebula cloud had managed to envelope a relatively standalone system, thus effectively blocking the system from ever being detected by long range surveyors.

In addition to that, a majority of the Jump Holes pointing to the system have formed deep within the nebula cloud itself, and any disoriented enemies that stumble upon it are quickly picked apart by Hessian patrols, who always use the sensor blocking abilities of the cloud to their own advantage.

Schutznebel Nebula

Asteroid Fields

Odenwald Asteroid Field

Odenwald is a large asteroid field on the edge of the Omega-54 system. This field is one of the primary sources of metals for the Red Hessians, with several commandeered Daumann asteroid miners toiling away inside of it to provide a constant influx of resources used to build new ships. Several mined out areas in the Odenwald have been reappropriated for hazardous training fields for fighter pilots.

Odenwald Lava Field

Weilsberg Asteroid Field

Weilsberg is a medium sized asteroid belt touching the southern part of the Schutznebel in the Omega-54 system. It is confirmed to contain fair amounts of many different metals, just like the Odenwald belt, however no mining operations of any kind have been established inside of it so far.


Voelklingen Wreck

Voelklingen Station began life as a Red Hessian survey station before being turned over to the Landwirtrechtbewegung in 822 A.S. It was carved from a massive chunk of rock that is thought to have once belonged the Weilsberg Asteroid Field, but has since broken away.

With Omega-54 considered "well-hidden" and already heavily defended by the Hessians, the LWB decided to base the production facilities of their own custom line of snubcraft in the system, close to both Hessian and Coalition engineers who could aid in maintenance and production as needed.

In late 824 AS the LWB began to crumble from within. The various bases and outposts of the movement suddenly found themselves without leadership or direction, leaving their respective crews to decide where their futures lie. The inhabitants of a few bases managed to reach an agreement among themselves, joining old friends or choosing to continue the fight under the Gaian banner. The crew of Voelklingen however, could not come to an agreement. Torn between whom they should join, the station’s populace succumbed to infighting and ultimately became scattered.

A number of the Voelklingen crew chose to align themselves with the Gaian movement in Stuttgart and left to join their ranks while others joined the forces with the Hessians or Coalition, one handful of former LWB struck out to find their fortunes as pirates. Voelklingen itself was left abandoned after the exodus, eventually being destroyed by a reactor breach several weeks later. Now all that remains is an empty husk gradually being pulled into the atmosphere by the gravity of Planet Odense.

The Wreck of Voelklingen Station

Jump Gates/Holes

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