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Governing House
Region Border Worlds

In mid 825 A.S., the last shipment of diamonds left Solarius and left the Omega-11 system behind forever, as the gate was sealed by Ageira Technologies technicians on-site in Stuttgart. The destruction of the system was a neural net spectacle viewed by millions across the sector, with cameras on the Jump Gate and the abandoned Solarius Station broadcasting the system's final moments. Now a searing hot planetary nebula that not even the most powerful shielding known to man can withstand, the Omega-11 nova had a disruptive effect on the jump hole network in the Omega cluster that revealed the Omega-2 system. A protostar with a resource-rich debris disc deep within the Border Worlds, Daumann Heavy Construction, the Independent Miners Guild and Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing have made inroads to this system, intent on claiming the system's resources for themselves - and no one else.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Red Dwarf

  • TYPE: M8
  • COLOR: Red
  • MASS: 1.59 x 10e33 kg
  • DIAMETER: 8.02 x 10e9 km
Leisi Protoplanet.jpg
Leisi Protoplanet
Salme Protoplanet.jpg
Salme Protoplanet

  • None
  • Kuressaare Belt
  • Lumanda Cloud
  • Muhu Lava Field
  • Torgu Cloud
  • Valjala Lava Field
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Lumanda Cloud

A small wisp of the Walker Nebula in the north of the Omega-2 system condensing into solid matter slowly, it is the source of most Bretonian activity within the Omega-2 system. Most attempts to explore the system have been rather tentative, as the Crown is reluctant to extend resources towards securing this new frontier, leaving it up to private interests to make their way there in pursuit of valuable minerals.

Torgu Cloud

A matching counterpart to the Walker Nebula wisp in the north of the system, this one is considerably more dangerous, as it not only contains explosive gas pockets but also both Red Hessians and Corsairs, who are both not interested in seeing any corporate mining vessels in Omega-2.

Asteroid Fields

Muhu Lava Field

Little more than scattered, molten remains ejected from a protoplanetary collision, Rheinland coporate vessels have repeatedly been sighted in and around this area, apparently thinking along the same lines as Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing. If there are valuable resources to be found, it is only a matter of time until conflict arises.

Valjala Lava Field

Another patch of molten asteroids often frequented by the Hessians, making it an exceptionally dangerous part of Omega-2 for corporations as well as the Corsairs. In addition, gas pockets make navigation of the field with transports a precarious affair.

Kuressaare Belt

A rotating torus in orbit of Omega-2 with a such a high concentration of diamond dust that it glitters in very high frequency light, this body is expected to eventually accrete into a handful of rocky bodies near the star. In its current state, as it slowly cools and concentrates, the heat and density of high velocity dust make construction near Omega-2 impossible. As it cools and slows over the next fifty million years, the diamond dust is a concentration of riches that Daumann, the Hessians, BMM, and the IMG cannot ignore, and there have been bloody conflicts over mining rights.

Kuressaare Belt

Jump Gates/Holes